GCHQ backlash? Anonymous website shut down following privacy rights protest

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‘Anonymous UK’s website was recently targeted and taken down in the midst of a four-day privacy rights protest organized by the collective. The demonstration was held outside Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

A spokesman for the hacktivist group believes the targeted attack was carried out by GCHQ officials.

The protest, which began outside Britain’s Cheltenham-based spy base last Friday, was reportedly launched to highlight an ongoing assault on Britons’ privacy rights against a backdrop of increasing mass surveillance. But prior to the main day of protest scheduled for Saturday, Anonymous UK’s website was taken down. The incident occurred late Friday evening.

This is not the first time the group’s communications platforms have been shut down. A spokesman for the hacktivist collective, who runs its online radio station, insists Anonymous UK has been unjustly targeted by GCHQ on several occasions. “One of our servers was destroyed and our UK radio station has been shut down,” the told RT on Friday, adding that the group’s site was also targeted following the launch of a campaign to feed homeless people.

Commenting on the cyber attack, the spokesman said if a member of the public targeted a government site in this manner, they could “get up to five years in prison in the UK.” Yet “GHHQ has no one to answer to.”’

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