Navarro: What VP Pence Did to POTUS Will Go Down as ‘Biggest Betrayal Imaginable’

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What VP Mike Pence did to President Trump will go down as biggest betrayal in history

Dr. Peter Navarro has slammed former Vice President Mike Pence, saying what he did to President Trump will go down as one of the greatest betrayals in U.S. history.

Large numbers of voters were angry with Pence for not having the courage to question the election results.

During a recent interview with Steve Bannon, Navarro said:

“Look, what Mike Pence did to Donald J. Trump I think will go down in history as one of the biggest betrayals imaginable.”

“Because clearly, the Vice President had a mission up on Capitol Hill to get to the bottom of all the election fraud and irregularities that I document in the three volumes of the Navarro Report,” he continued.

“And he refused to do that.”

“And the fact that the riot happened,” he added.

“The last person on earth that wanted that to happen was Donald J. Trump.”

“Because it allowed the vice president, it allowed the RINO Republicans.”

“And it certainly allowed the Democrats to cancel what was going to be an investigation on January 6th, which was going to be one of the greatest days in the history of the republic because it would have allowed an investigation into this fraud.”



  1. Yes but tied by Pomleo and Barr and the SCOTUS. All of them in it together serving foreign interests and failing in their duty and loyalty to their elected President The heads of Zcia who are supposed to put protecting the president in every way as their top priority and the Justice Department too. All of them And Speaker Pelosi who was so rude offensive insulting disgusting and despicable she might as well have spat in the Presidents face. All of them. Despicable filthy disgusting behaviour of spoiled self indulgent brats acting as if a gang of school yard bullies.

  2. I think that really the biggest hoax and the biggest betrayal has been satanist pagans pretending to be Christian’s moslems Jews Buddhists Hindus shinto and so on Pretending to be the opposite of what they are Globally .And networking as a secret society.

    • And for CENTURIES .As a tiny elite really but now with Satanism reportedly being the fastest growing religion in NY they’re growing rapidly and paganism is taking off inversely proprti8nal to their attacks on the reputation of christianity and islam in particular Pedophile priests and terrorist fundamentalists are their hteat weapons of destruction for the opposition .And nasty Nancy. Of course ” we dont hate anyone ” as she spits,venom at the President

  3. The hypocrites now are saying “thank God the ex president hasn’t gotten away with anything yet” as they plot to press criminal charges with the full Co operation of justice department prosecutors office msm and all of the required bureaucrats. That’s them Always the same always the opposite. Hypocrites liars thieves murderers frauds pedophiles human traffickers drug traffickers. Arms dealers money launderers terrorist sponsors Subvervises seditious deceivers All their good points Their virtues in their morality.

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