Donald Trump Readies Supporters For Civil War Against ‘New World Order’

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President Trump is preparing his supports to revolt against the New World Order in the event that he is impeached. 

President Trump is preparing his supports to revolt against the New World Order in the event that he is impeached. 

According to journalist Charles Blow, establishment politicians within the Democratic and Republican parties fear an uprising amongst the general public if the elite decide to push Trump out of the White House.

Information Clearing House reports: In his Thursday column, Blow ruminates on how Trump’s brief, spastic political career has revolved around the art of marketing. His obsession with polls is merely a byproduct of his desire to ensure his base become “repeat customers”:

Trump made an industry out of selling conspicuous consumption. He sold the ideas that greed was good, luxury was aspirational and indulgence was innocent…Trump’s supporters see him as vector; he sees them as market.

But Blow doesn’t believe Trump is out to make a quick buck or grow his brand, at least not exclusively. Through his overwhelming support of police unions, militarized rhetoric, tacit defense of white supremacists and efforts to marginalize his opposition, he’s building a veritable army. Blow continues:

You do that by dividing America into tribes and, as “president,” aligning yourself with the most extreme tribe, all the while promoting militarization among people who support you.

So what’s his end game? As Robert Mueller closes in, teaming with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to prevent the president from pardoning himself or his cronies, Blow thinks “Trump wants to position any attempt to remove him as a political coup.” And he’s recruiting “future confederates” for when the time comes:

If these people should come to believe — as Trump would have them believe — that establishment systems have unfairly and conspiratorially acted to remove from office their last and only champion — another thing Trump would have them believe — what will they do?

If Trump is ultimately impeached, his supporters could revolt, and that possibility is not lost on the president.


  1. Let’s get this straight: Trump is the jew world order. Why try to confuse people, sean? How can you supposedly be against something which you are actively working towards at the same time? Look who Trump has surrounded himself with.. it’s pretty much a bar mitzvah. This article just sounds like more controlled opposition, divide and conquer tactics.. and we shouldn’t continue to fall for it. Alt right? Antifa? Isis? These are all crucial parts of the simulated game you sheeple continue to play. (Hoax) Problem… (Terrorized/fearful) Reaction… (‘Their’) Solution that fits their ‘order.’ Time to really wake up, and realize your country is owned and operated by the zionist federal reserve (bank of london), zionist corporations, zionist media, zionist entertainment and zionist dual-citizen politicians who care more about greater israel than you.

      • You sound like you’re ‘fishing4anti-semitism’ … and it’s not gonna happen. I never said anything about hate.
        So, instead of watching my line.. focus on your line, with your (little) pole. I’m just telling you the truth. Can you handle the truth, little guppy, as your name implies? Obviously you cannot, because I just stated it. (Also, fukushima already ‘caught’ all your fish, sorry)

        • Weak attempts to belittle me say much more about you than myself. I asked a simple question, does that frighten you? You made references to Jews, Zionist and bar mitzvah six times in as many lines. So my question is completely justified. Why not make a constructive statement offering your solution to the issues that you see as problematic?

          • Im blessed… but if you really wanna keep this thing going, fishy? Ok.
            With your ignorant “jew hater” comment, we recognize some things:
            1. The truth upsets you. Too bad, deal with it.
            2. You haven’t “caught” any truth out there yet (or you’re blind, or you’re a troll.. so be it)
            3. As a fisherman (woman?), it’s almost like you’re ‘baiting’ me to fall for your “hate/anti-semiticism” ‘line’ you ‘cast’… but I’m no guppy like you, fish…I’m a shark and I will eat that line right up, and spit it right back at you!

            I don’t hate jews (I actually really enjoy krav maga and kosher cuts).. it’s just I, like millions of other people, don’t subscribe to your zionist agenda.
            I also notice you won’t comment on anything else I said in my initial comment, like antifa or alt right. You shady little jews, always trying to control the dialogue! No thanks.
            How about this one?
            Free Palestine. End the illegal zionist apartheid occupation, return borders to 1967, and the world will be a much better place.
            (Unless you guys just samson option it and nuke everyone out of martyrdom)
            mazel tov, fish!

  2. What we have is…..2 DIFFERENT New World Order camps… nothing more nothing less…. nothing mysterious,….. nothing coincidental…nothing to see here folks.. the battle will continue….. That’s how the game is played.. Nothing to see here folks…nothing remotely interesting…the key is.. Get right with the Lord people…do it now.. and read your Bible daily.. and …Watch and Pray

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