Rudy Giuliani: 5 Obama Officials WILL Be Indicted

Fact checked
Rudy Giuliani predicts 5 Obama officials will be indicted over the Spygate scandal

Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani has warned that at around 3-5 Obama officials will be indicted for their roles in the Spygate scandal.

The former New York Mayor joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night to discuss the coup attempt against Trump:


Rudy Giuliani: “Attorney General Barr is very upset by what they did.

Even if it isn’t treason it’s perjury, suborning perjury, submitting false documents to the FISA Court, colluding with Ukrainians to obtain dirty information on Trump and the Trump campaign.

There are so many crimes. We don’t need treason. And, I don’ think they’re going to get away with it.

I think three, or four, or five of them are going to get indicted.”


  1. nahhh bullshit…nobody will be endicted… they are all in it together….. trump is not allowed to do shit like that… that’s now allowed…. that’s not how satans game works….

  2. That’s really Hilarious. The only people indicted are the ones standing behind Trump in the picture. The FISA warrant was lawfully sought and legally obtained from a 3 Judge Panel. Guiliani has already admitted that there was Collusion between the Trump campaign and Putin Cronies. Then he tried to walk it back. Barr is the top lawman in the country. He should be pursuing the 10 counts of Obstruction of Justice committed by Trump and outlined in the Mueller report, instead of looking for gremlins in the Obama administration. He’s Trump’s protector not the AG of the USA.

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