There Are Too Many Humans In The World Warns Prince William

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Prince William, whose wife is expecting their third child, has warned that exploding human populations around the world will put “enormous pressure” on wildlife unless it is properly managed.

The Duke of Cambridge has called for the issue to be addressed with renewed vigour.

William is not the first Royal to call for the control of the human population.

His concerns echo those of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, who in 2011 advocated a policy of “voluntary family limitation” as a means of solving overpopulation, which he described as being the biggest challenge in conservation.

In 2010 William’s Father the Prince of Wales also called for greater population control in the developing world.

RT reports: Speaking at a gala event in London, the Duke of Cambridge said a rapidly increasing population is putting “enormous pressure” on animal species. As royal patron of the Tusk Trust, he told the dinner on Thursday night that there is an urgent need for a strategy that will allow humans and animal species to share the environment.

“In my lifetime, we have seen global wildlife populations decline by over half,” he said. “We are going to have to work much harder, and think much deeper, if we are to ensure that human beings and the other species of animal with which we share this planet can continue to co-exist.

“Africa’s rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double by 2050 – a staggering increase of three and a half million people per month. There is no question that this increase puts wildlife and habitat under enormous pressure. Urbanization, infrastructure development, cultivation – all good things in themselves, but they will have a terrible impact unless we begin to plan and to take measures now.”

He added that overgrazing and poor water supplies will have a “catastrophic effect” on animal species if new measures to tackle the challenge fail to be implemented.

Prince Williams comments just happen to compliment the Georgia Guidestones first commandment “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”




  1. ” exploding human populations around the world will put “enormous pressure” on wildlife”
    LOL: Prince William is a major lobbyist for the World Wildlife Fund; an organization formed by big game hunters, including UN IPCC founder Maurice Strong, to protect the habitats of animals these trophy hunters kill for sport.

  2. This so called human being is known to be a reptilian of the highest order is he worried that the humans are going to hunt him and his lot down

  3. William is in a good position to have many children as he can educate them well and see that they have a positive impact on society. It seems that the poorest people with the least ability to provide an education are having the most children. Before you accuse me of eugenics, answer one question: who should decide how many children a woman should have? If you believe that should be left to the individual, then the question is how do we provide equal opportunity for all those children. Is it everyone’s responsibility to care for the next generation or only the parents? If it’s not right to tell a poor person to limit the number of children, how is it right to tell a wealthy person. I say, go ahead Kate and William, have a dozen children and bring them up with the old fashioned Victorian values.

    • You sir are a bigoted Idiot. Bet you got stretch marks on your cheeks from pleasing all the royalty be sure to wipe off your chin

      • Islam is based on the subjugation of women. Women are forced to bear as many children as possible with the clear intent to take over any society. The birth rate in England is 1.8, less than the minimum number to maintain the population.
        The birth rate among Muslims is double. Muslims make up 5% of the population, but are10% of the children under 5. By 2050, Muslims will be the majority and England will be an Islamic nation. That is the objective.
        The point is that Muslims will not “voluntarily” limit the number of children. So why should Will and Kate, especially if they wish to keep England British and Christian.
        Voluntary restraints will not work when you have one segment of society determined to supplant native Brits. The big question is can forced restraints work in a free society. Doubtful, if the society is to remain free.
        So riddle me this: why are Brits not reproducing and why are they looking to immigrants to have their children for them?

  4. All the proclamations of the rich and entitled strata of society happen because they’re suffering from mental disorders and magical thinking, in which they believe that ‘their’ efforts in the world, or their ‘social position’ somehow imbues them with some sort of ‘grand wisdom’ which they then seek apply (impose) on the entire civilization, in their minds, in some sort of dictatorial and dramatically repulsive stance, which they ‘hope’ consensus society will agree with. Anyone ‘in charge’, on any level of society, is potentially a troublesome issue for those out there that are not immature spiritually and don’t have a goal to control and manipulate others, and revel in “all in their head’ power-over dramas.

    • MAJICAL PIGS they are on acid or something worse. Who knows if they are reptilian then they are demons F***k em

  5. He’s a bigger idiot than his father. It won’t be long before Q.E. goes and Charles tries to follow as King. The people will reject this lot forthwith.

  6. Isn’t it interesting that THESE greedy ASS royals who have billions, are so GREEDY THAT they’re worried there won’t be enough for them?? THESE eugenicists have always talked about killing off 90% OF THE humans on earth, leaving JUST enough people to service them in the manner they’ve become accustomed to?? I think WE should get rid of all billionaires and royals, allowing regular people to live in PEACE?

  7. Well Then William! You need to stop all those Muslim’s in Britain from having 4 or 5 wives and all those kiddies, but before you do that you better make sure your not adding to the population yourself.

  8. Then the “prince” should cut his penis off so he can’t breed anymore. Failing that he should set the example for the rest of us and die by his own choice. Who the F**k is he to decide who should live and who should die.

  9. Fucking dickhead..he was only spawned for the purpose of satan,…the fact his mothers name was Diana goes back to Diana of Ephesis.. another of satans clones.. he is an occult lemming… he is nothing…

  10. He is mistaken, there are too many Sub-Human Elite Psychopaths in positions of power in the World, thats the real problem?

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