Assange: McCain Paid Twitter Bots To Censor FISA Memo Release

Fact checked
Julian Assange accuses Senator John McCain of paying for twitter bots to censor talk of FISA abuse memo

Senator John McCain has paid for thousands of Twitter bots to attack President Trump following the FISA memo release, according to Julian Assange.

The WikiLeaks founder noted on Twitter that a huge number of fake accounts are flooding social media with their praise of McCain and dislike of Trump.

American Mirror reports: Assange posted screen captures of several of examples of what he calls bot activity.

They show several accounts tweeting the same article, titled “John McCain just made a startling public accusation against Trump amid phony Nunes memo release,” at exactly the same time.

One Twitter user, @LoudaCristy, pointed to a suspicious-looking site called “”

That website published a pro-McCain article reporting on his criticism of Trump.

So did @milenbu and @DaryaBoyko4, as well as @petrina_liza.

“Despite his illness, McCain showed that he has one of the great minds in public life and remains a true American hero who stands up for his country first,” it reports.

“McCain did not do a very good job when he ran for president, but he continues to show that he has the intelligence, experience, and savvy that a good president needs, unlike Trump, who has turned out to be a partisan who cares more about himself than America,” it said later in the article.

Another bot tweeted a link to the very same article, but on

Both articles featured this ABC News tweet:

Both sites claimed the original source of the story was the Washington Press.


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  2. IF he were a partisan he would care about the party not himself. McCain does not believe truth, justice, and transparency in govt serves any American interest??? McCains great mind needs to be swinging from the masthead on the USS Forrestal.

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