John McCain Insults President Putin In Fake News Interview

Fact checked

If you want to hear some real fake news you can listen to one of he world’s greatest warmongers Senator John McCain as he shares his hatred for Russia and the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

(Scroll down for video)

The Duran reports:

At one point during the interview, McCain (always a statesman and diplomat) says this about Russian President Putin…

“Vladimir Putin is a thug, and a murderer, and a killer….and a KGB agent. He had Boris Nemtsov murdered in the shadow of the Kremlin. He is dismembered the Ukraine. He has now precision strikes by Russian aircraft on hospitals in Aleppo.”

Projection much Senator McCain?

The hypocrisy of McCain’s comments are rich. This comes from a Senator who has been deeply connected to neo-nazis in Ukraine during the Maidan coup, and has broken bread with ISIS leader Al Baghdadi…not to mention championing the Iraq war.

Let’s fix John McCain’s statement, and turn it form false news, to a real news…

“John McCain is a thug, and a murderer, and a killer….and a patsy to the MIC and Saudi Arabia. He worked with ISIS to destabilize Syria. He is dismembered the Ukraine. He has supported precision strikes by US aircraft on Syrian army positions at Deir ez-Zor in order to protect ISIS jihadists.”

That’s a statement of fact, as are the photos below. McCain’s video follows photos below.




  1. This guy insults just about anyone when he speaks. The only thing he does not insult is himself when he looks in the mirror.

  2. He was bombing citizens in a residential neighborhood in Hanoi when he was shot down. Vietnam lost an opportunity to rid the planet of this war criminal and mass murderer.

  3. So,,, if no one in the top eschalons of governments world-wide believe his nonsense… kind a makes you wonder the point of this low-level propaganda other than trying to wrangle the last of the dumb asses

  4. All I have to say is this….. John McCain you are a coward and sorry to say an arsehole too. President Vladimir Putin has put up with the Hillary /Obama Clan with great patience…. some of us know that the USA was in the wrong due to the backstabbing and decision making of the Hillary /Obama Clan (and lying to, as well as stealing from the American Citizen) benefiting only themselves and those who contributed to their scamming. They were the once orchestrated attacks in Syria, not to mention the Taliban training in Turkey…. so please just go and jump in a river or something…. you want to belittle a person who is direct and straightforward because you will never be even a quarter of the man he is.

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