Young Girl Recoils in Horror After Biden Gropes Her and Whispers Something Nasty

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Underage girl recoils in horror as Biden gropes her and whispers something nasty in her ear.

President Biden has come under fire for behaving inappropriately with another underage minor, after he was caught on camera touching and whispering something nasty to a young girl during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania.

The disturbing ordeal was captured on film when Biden visited the Nowhere Coffee shop in Emmaus, where he made a beeline towards a young girl who was sitting in the library. reports: As he leaned in to inspect the books, Biden was asked if he had confidence in Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who’s currently hospitalized after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer.

“I do,” Biden replied.

The puppet president could then be heard whispering something to the girl, who turned around surprised.

“Was it a lapse in judgment for him not to tell you earlier?” he was next asked, to which Biden responded, “Yes.”

The odd behavior was scrutinized on social media, with many critics saying the child instinctually moved away from danger.

The faux pas demonstrates why Biden constantly needs handlers by his side to keep him from going off the rails and sniffing nearby children.

**BONUS** A great American in Allentown called Biden a “loser” (0:29) during his visit:

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