Pope Francis Denounces Supporters Of ‘Conspiracy Theories’

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis has accused conservative populists of exploiting people’s real needs with “facile and hasty solutions.”

“Let us not listen to prophets of doom,” the Pope said on Sunday in his homily for the World Day of the Poor.

“Let us not be enchanted by the sirens of populism, which exploit people’s real needs by facile and hasty solutions.” he said, adding “Let us not follow the false ‘messiahs’ who, in the name of profit, proclaim recipes useful only for increasing the wealth of a few, while condemning the poor to the margins of society”

Breitbart reports: Populists exploit people’s fears, the pope suggested, by peddling conspiratorial theories.

“If we think in this way, we let ourselves be guided by fear, and we may end up looking for answers with morbid curiosity in the ever-present chicanery of magic or horoscopes – today many Christians go visit magicians; they consult horoscopes as if they were the voice of God,” he lamented.

“Or again, we rely on some last-minute ‘messiah’ who peddles wild theories, usually conspiratorial and full of doom and gloom – conspiratorial theories are bad, they cause us a lot of harm,” he continued.

Francis went on to insist that God is not to be found in conspiracy theories.

“The Spirit of the Lord is not to be found in such approaches: nor is he found by going to a ‘guru’ or in the conspiratorial spirit; the Lord is not there,” he said. “Jesus warns us: ‘Beware that you are not led astray.’ Do not be gullible or fearful, but learn how to interpret events with the eyes of faith.”

“Instead, let us bear witness,” the pope urged. “Let us commit ourselves courageously to justice, the rule of law and peace, and stand always at the side of the weakest.”


  1. Oh no! How will we ever carry on? Francis is a useful idiot. What or whom he denounces or whatever is of absolutely no importance.

    • It’s a laughable matter when a person and institution that draws all of its power from belief in the supernatural virgin births immaculate conceptions resurrection s and spirit world denounce supernatural.

  2. Conspiracy Theory, like the fact that Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) is secretly Jewish and a Zionist? Infiltrating into the hated Church in order to destroy if from within?

    • And being honest the Church has been corrupted for centuries It has been pure evil, has committed the worst crimes against humanity possible, has been the greatest hypocrite on earth, has been unspeakably corrupt and maybe Francis s destruction of it is needed. Anyway it’s in God’s hands.

      • True, the Church has a terrible record.
        But today’s corruption in the Church is a corruption that’s at its end. There’s a lot of potentiality for the Church to begin to shake off the past behavior and get back to the basics of what made the Church attractive to Billions of people.
        Most of the change has to do with communication, communications of what the Church is really doing and not just learning about the Church activities on Sunday but on all days of the week. Most of this new knowledge is by the Internet. The Internet is like living next to the Best Library in the world.

    • Pope Benedict decried “unregulated capitism” aka greed at his first ever Xmas address. It was his last. He was gone just weeks later after that.

    • The rule of law I typed. He is the rule of law. As for protecting the weakest show me 1 example of that please. Shoe me 1 time kill or killary klingon protected anyone except the richest.

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