Candace Owens – ‘Voter ID Is Racist But Vaccine ID Not A Problem?’

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candace owens

Amid calls for vaccine passport system in the US, conservatives have been asking why Democrats feel such a program would is moral and just, while opposing a program that requires identification before voting.

Echoing the concerns of many others onservative author, talk show host and political commentator Candace Owen tweeted: , Remember guys: mandating voter ID is unattainable and racist but mandating vaccine ID cards? Not a problem

RT reprots: Actually, the debate is a sensitive one not only for the US. Across the ocean, in the UK – where Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also planning to introduce a voter ID system – conservatives made similar arguments, questioning why those in support of vaccine identification were opposed to voter ID laws.

Replying to Owen’s tweet, some liberals argued that the comparison was a form of “gaslighting” and “false equivalency.”

“One is to suppress the vote. The other is to protect people. Pretty simple,” argued one person, while others turned the argument around, asking why conservatives don’t want vaccine passports but are happy with voter ID.

Though there has been a substantial push by billionaires, the media, politicians, and activists alike for a vaccine passport system in the US, the UK, and elsewhere, there has also been huge opposition.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has opposed mandatory vaccine passports for both travel and domestic use and several US governors – including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – have banned them in their states.

The concept of a voter ID system has also been controversial in both the US and UK, with proponents arguing that the lack of an ID requirement leads to voter fraud, and critics arguing such a requirement would suppress voting.


  1. If vaccination ID will be so universally needed then it should also be required to be shown at a polling place to vote.

    • Please don’t give them any ideas!!! Some of us don’t believe the VAX is what it is being touted to be, nor do we think we are going to allow a foreign body to be injected into our body.
      So if they start the idea of having to show a Vaccine passport to vote, as an ID, and those of us who don’t agree with the whole premise of vaccines will save us all, don’t want to have to stop voting for the same reason.

      • BTW dont get tested The testing puts you at risk in the same way as inhaling asbestos does They’ve put nano particles of titanium cobalt and a couple of other elements in there that are highly dangerous to I have Fatal in the long run ,just like inhaling asbestos .You can read all about it at the Daily Expose on yesterdays news

        • Thanks for that information too!!! I don’t plan to be tested. I had a dr appointment last week along with a Mammogram, and I had made up my mind that there would be no testing done, before them. Thanks again.

  2. I’m not even going to read the article because I don’t believe for a moment she said those things. I have watched her being interviewed on FOX and she does not come off like that at all. She is basically a died in the wool Conservative. I consider this no more than a fake hit piece to try and shut her up because she is one of the few black women who has her head screwed on straight, and is quite intelligent I might add.

    • Shes quite an ordinary little girl with average goid girl views .Shes like a turtle oprah. Normal boring compliant obedient and seeming to be ” radical ” They’re both used or fake They start of sincere thinking they’re someone who can make a difference They cant They can do as theyre told or piss off into obscurity. That’s true for all of them Even Trump.

      • Maybe you need to back to school and actually study English my friend because your writing makes no sense, you know like learn to use punctuation. BTW who o what is a “goid”?

  3. The idiots on the left arguing that it is gaslighting or a false equivalency by claiming that it is protecting the people have tossed out all of history where governments that are not elected by the people turn on and harm the people. So if they’re saying a vaccine passport “protects” people, voter identification that protects an election protects even more people. So go home and shut up you wicked, evil people.

  4. Look the ” issues ” media and play acting politicians are given to discuss and present as their tutorial talks are all determined for them by the shadow land dwellers The agents of tbe elite .The control freak totalitarian dictators in disguise .Every one knows .The compliant okay the stupid childish game and sung a song of sixpence Sickening time wasting crap ,all of it .

  5. Aside from all of their lying, cheating, stealing elections, corruption, enciting violence, etc., on can always count on a fascist democRAT-Communists for their Hypocrisy.

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