Frail Biden Escorted Off Stage Following ‘Disastrous’ Debate

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Following Thursday night’s debate on CNN footage shows Joe Biden being carefully escorted off-stage by his wife Jill, further exacerbating concerns over his health.

The media was told that the President had a cold which was why he sounded so raspy and feeble during the debate.

He struggled most when citing statistics and legislation. He could barely raise his voice to hammer home points of interest and even missed chances to attack Trump.

His performance has caused panic and alarm among Democrats (and others) who are now calling for him to be swapped as the party’s presidential candidate.

InfoWars reports: A clip from the end of the debate shared on social media by Donald Trump Jr. featured Jill grabbing Joe by the arm before moving toward a small set of steps, at which point Biden pauses then proceeds slowly.

“Watch Joe Biden get escorted off the stage! What a stark contrast between how Trump left the stage and how Biden is exiting,” Trump Jr. wrote on X.

The footage comes as the White House has had to explain recent clips of Joe Biden wandering off at the G7 Summit and Obama grabbing his arm to escort him offstage during a fundraiser, labeling them “deepfakes” “cheap fakes” and “manipulated” videos.

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