Jeffrey Epstein’s Ex Testifies He ‘Boasted About Being a Mossad Agent’

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Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend has testified in a lawsuit that the convicted pedophile boasted that he was an Israeli spy working for Mossad who was gathering dirt on the world’s most powerful men.

The woman from California, referred to as Jane Doe 200, filed the lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court on Monday and stated she met Epstein in Los Angeles in 2000.

The former girlfriend of the disgraced financier is suing his estate over claims he raped her at his New York mansion.

She said the deceased child sex trafficker revealed he was a Mossad agent like Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert, and was warned ‘that it was not good to be Epstein’s enemy.’

Doe claimed their relationship was platonic before it became romantic and he later sexually assaulted her at his Upper East Side home in the fall of 2001. 

Daily Mail report: The woman has named the co-executors of Epstein’s estate Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn as defendants and claims she suffered battery and intentionally inflicted emotional distress. 

She said Epstein and Maxwell hinted he was an agent for the Israeli intelligence agency like her father. Both men are Jewish and donated heavily to organizations in Israel. 

‘It became obvious that Epstein was not only extremely wealthy but also suspiciously well-connected, more so than all the other powerful men with whom he associated,’ the lawsuit states. 

‘Despite being in a committed relationship often spending nearly around-the-clock time together, what Epstein did for work was not clear.’

Epstein allegedly boasted about knowing the famous political figures, billionaire businessmen and notorious criminals, according to Doe’s lawsuit. 

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She said she believed she was in a committed and monogamous relationship with Epstein before he ‘forcibly raped her’. 

She said the incident began when he was getting a massage at his mansion before he began kissing the masseuse.

The alleged victim was upset but before she could leave the property he ‘physically forced her face down on the massage table and violently vaginally penetrated her,’ according to the lawsuit. 

‘Given the violence behind the rape, Doe knew in that moment that she had to escape.’ 

But Doe said she was afraid he would retaliate if she reported him to the authorities so chose to break up with him and leave California. 

‘Doe genuinely believed that any reporting of the rape by what she believed to be a Mossad agent with some of the most unique connections in the world, would result in significant bodily harm or death to her,’ the lawsuit states.

Doe’s attorney Brad Edwards told The Daily Beast: ‘In addition to Epstein’s rotation of victims, there was typically one person who he made believe was his girlfriend, usually completely in the dark about his criminal abuse.

‘Jane Doe 200 was that girlfriend during this period of time, which means she learned more information than most other victims.’

Robert Maxwell, a British newspaper magnate, is alleged to have been a Mossad agent – although he denied this furiously and regularly issued legal threats. 

But his shocking death in which he fell from his $26.5million yacht, Lady Ghislaine, off the coast of Spain in 1991 sparked rumors of an assassination or the possibility of suicide. 

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