South Korea Begins Paying Out MILLIONS to Victims of mRNA Jabs – No Questions Asked

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South Korea begins paying out millions to victims of mRNA covid jabs

The government in South Korea has agreed to begin paying out millions of dollars in compensation to victims of the COVID-19 vaccine, no questions asked.

From September, families can get up to 30 million won in compensation money if a family member dies within 90 days of receiving the mRNA jab, even if an autopsy cannot determine the cause. Since July 2022, 10 million won has been given out if the shot caused death within 42 days.

St Vincent Times reports: Separately, families of those who died within three days of immunization but were not qualified for government aid can now receive at least 10 million won, up to 30 million won depending on side effects.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said these measures apply retroactively.

“Korea had a higher inoculation rate than the rest of the world because people trusted the state and got vaccinated,” People Power Party Rep. Park Dae-chul stated at a National Assembly meeting between the party and the administration.

“In this regard, the state must address the blind spot in helping those harmed by the vaccination policy.”

This move comes as calls rise to expand eligibility for condolence money, in which the government does not admit liability, or compensation after the government admits liability.

The KDCA was criticized in a National Assembly hearing on Aug. 25 for appealing a court judgement that recognized the state’s liability for vaccination-related injuries.

In July, the Seoul Administrative Court ordered the KDCA to compensate the family of a 34-year-old man who died six days after the vaccine in October 2021.

The court verdict found that COVID-19 vaccinations had emergency use authorisation instead of full approval, therefore an epidemiological connection between the immunization and his death cannot be ruled out.

KDCA chief Jee Young-mee said they would appeal because the court verdict ignored a panel of experts’ case recommendations. The comment attracted condemnation from MPs who argued it could damage public trust in the government.

Korea has recognized 11 COVID vaccine side effects, including anaphylaxis, myocarditis, and pericarditis, and individuals who died or experienced serious injuries were eligible for 480 billion won in compensation and burial fees. Less serious injuries could receive 55% of reimbursement.

Korea mentions 15 different post-jab symptoms, including irregular uterine hemorrhage, transverse myelitis, and Bell’s Palsy. No compensation was available for people who suffered from any of the 15. Instead, they received up to 100 million won in death condolences.

In July 2022, Korea began giving consolation money to anyone who died after the vaccine for unknown reasons, following President Yoon Suk Yeol’s election campaign promise.

The government has accepted about 30% of 96,000 vaccination side effect allegations as of August. Bereaved families of 83 people who died after government-mandated vaccination were among them. Eighteen of the 83 were eligible for death compensation, while 65 received condolences.

The obligatory vaccination program began in February 2021, inoculating 45 million Koreans.

Korea boosted vaccination side effect compensation and financial support to 62.5 billion won in 2023.

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