Manchester United Player Collapses with Heart Problem Mid-Game

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Manchester United player collapses with heart problems mid-game

Another day, another athlete down. This time, Manchester United player Victor Lindelof was forced to abandon a game on Saturday after he began suffering breathing difficulties and chest pains.

During the match against Norwich, Lindelof left the pitch with breathing difficulties during Saturday’s 1-0 win over Norwich.

Lindelof joins dozens of other athlete’s worldwide who have suffered some form of ‘mysterious’ chest pain or cardiac arrest. reported:

The Spain goalkeeper said the incident brought back memories of Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest on the pitch during Euro 2020 and also the collapse of Barcelona forward Sergio Aguero in October.

“As soon as it was like difficult breathing and feeling strange, the game doesn’t matter,” De Gea said.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he added: “First of all is life. Football doesn’t matter.

Hundreds of athletes are dropping like flies, with many of them dead. As yet, nobody is really sure why.


  1. “Hundreds of athletes are dropping like flies, with many of them dead. As yet, nobody is really sure why.” Oh, take a wild guess!

  2. And yes it’s just a “coincidence” that these dozens of top shape athletes….all took theClotShot. But the MainStreamMedia will tell us “Nothing to see hear folks!”.

  3. They should change the rules. You start the game with 11 players, and whichever team still has any player alive at the end of the game wins!

    • The Running Man: That assumes that the referees are still standing to blow the final genocide whistle.

      goodsciencing dot com/covid/71-athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-26-die-after-covid-shot/

  4. Just been on the phone with my cousin. She was rushed to hospital 4 hours after taking the booster shot suffering from tremendous pain in her bones and tightening of the heart area. She is still in Warwick Hospital. And it’s not related to the covid shot??? – BULLSHIT.

  5. it is just that peski global warming folks, nothing to see here, go on home and take your vaccine shots on the way home.

  6. Nkgoo, geniş kapsamlı bilgi platformudur. Her konuda bilgi içeriği üretme amacıyla yayın hayatına başlamış referans kaynak sitedir. Ayrıca telif hakları konularına da özen gösterilmektedir.

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