Australia Censors Cartoon For Criticising Israel

Fact checked

A cartoon published in The Sydney Morning Herald violated Standards of Practice that all press must adhere to in Australia according to the Australian Press Council in its linking of “symbols of the Jewish faith” to criticism of Israel.

The newspaper was forced to issue an apology a week after it had originally published the cartoon by cartoonist Glen Le Lievre.

The cartoon depicts an elderly man wearing glasses and a yarmulke, reclining in a chair emblazoned with a Star of David, and holding a remote control while watching from hilltop as a city, which by implication is Gaza, explodes.

The adjudication by the Press Council states,“A linkage with Israeli nationality might have been justifiable in the public interest, despite being likely to cause offense. But the same cannot be said of the implied linkage with the Jewish faith that arose from inclusion of the kippah and the Star of David.”

Political correctness gone mad?

Israel has the star of David on its own national flag and is known to be homeland to the world’s Jewish population. So why should including images of these Jewish symbols be considered offensive if all it is doing is painting the picture of an Israeli person?

The cartoon is a political statement and not a racial one.

The Morning Herald issued an apology saying that it regretted the use of religious symbols.


  1. A cartoon is a disgrace? Wake up Australia. What is a real disgrace is the brutal treatment handed out by the illegal state of Israel to Palestinians since 1948 and ongoing today. And the other real disgrace is Australia’s support of the genocidal Zionist regime that bombs defenceless citizens in Gaza, the world’s largest open-air prison. Shame on Israel and shame on the Australian government for supporting the criminal regime. PS Google how many countries now recognize the Palestinian state and ask yourself WHY cannot Australia show some independence of thought and help the Palestinians

  2. “You must only ever write of us as a passive, powerless, historically oppressed minority, struggling to maintain our ancient identity in a world where all the odds are against us, poor helpless us, poor persecuted and beleaguered us! Otherwise we will smash you to pieces.” — Joe Sobran

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