Government Insider: MI6 Were Ordered To Kill Princess Diana

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UK Government insider claims Princess Diana was killed by MI6

A former Ministry of Defence officer has blown the whistle on how elements within the British establishment ordered MI6 to kill Princess Diana. 

Nick Pope claims that Diana and her fiancé Dodi were killed as part of a British plot to prevent her from marrying into an Egyptian family that included Harrods boss Mohammed Al Fayed as the head. reports:  Mr Al Fayed senior claimed the accident was actually staged by MI6 to stop news of the engagement getting out.

Mr Pope said: ”I first came across and studied conspiracy theories at the Ministry of Defence, where we were constantly being accused of covering up the truth about UFOs.

“I’ve looked into the subject in great detail and have written extensively about the structure of conspiracy theories and the psychology of conspiracy theory belief.”

He said he was not convinced by any of the conspiracy theories about the death of Princess Diana.

He added: “Given that she was in a car being driven at high speed in a chase involving paparazzi, given that the driver had been drinking, and given that she wasn’t wearing a seat belt, it doesn’t surprise me that the car crashed and that she was killed.

“It’s no coincidence that the only survivor of the crash was wearing his seat belt.

“Sadly, this combination of driving at high speed, drink driving, and not wearing a seat belt kills people all the time.

“We don’t think anything of it, because a fatal crash in those circumstances isn’t at all surprising.

“But because Princess Diana was one of the most famous and iconic women on the face of the planet, people looked for some deeper meaning, unable or unwilling to believe she could be killed in so mundane and pointless a way.

“People wanted to believe there was something more, but there wasn’t.”

Mr Pope said if the establishment chose to kill people causing it trouble the body count would be much higher.

He added: “As for the argument that she was killed because she was creating problems for the establishment, people create problems for the establishment all the time.

“If the government started assassinating everyone who made a nuisance of themselves, they’d be at it full time.”

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