Donald Trump Said Nancy Pelosi Had ‘Venom Coming Out Of Her Ears’ When She Said He Was ‘Impeached For Life’

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President Donald Trump has blasted Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s over her reaction to his impeachment acquittal.

During a new interview with Geraldo Rivera, Trump said Pelosi had “venom coming out of her ears” when claiming he would be “impeached for life.”

He also described the Democrat leader as being filled with “hatred” throughout the impeachment campaaign and accused her of “mumbling” behind his back during his State of the Union address

The Mail Online reports: Geraldo Rivera asked Trump about Pelosi’s comment, and the president quickly agreed with the idea that it was made ‘sadistically.’ 

No, she is a person that started on impeachment and lost. So she goes down as a loser, which she is,’ Trump began. ‘It was said sadistically. If you watch the way she says that with the hatred and the venom coming out of her ears, you just take a look at that the hatred that was pouring her when she said that,’ Trump said.

‘My wife was sitting here and watched it and she said ‘Oh my, that was horrible.’

It was a rare telling by the president of something his wife told him on such a public matter.   

Pelosi, who first resisted and then helped orchestrate Trump’s impeachment, told ABC’s ‘This Week’ in January: ‘This president is impeached for life regardless of any gamesmanship on the part of Mitch McConnell,’ the Senate Majority Leader who set up the rules. 

‘There is nothing the Senate can do to ever erase that,’ she said. Trump was acquitted of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress during his trial.  

Trump blasted Megyn Kelly in 2015 during a Fox News presidential debate after she asked him a series of tough questions about his alleged treatment of women. 

Rivera asked how the first lady handled the situation. ‘It was hard,’ Trump said, before quickly shifting to going after his opponents.  

 He went on about not just Pelosi’s words but the way she delivered them in his extended conversation with Rivera. 

‘The way she said it was so bad. It wasn’t just the words. It was the craziness. And then to have her sitting behind me at the State of the Union mumbling all night long,’ Trump said.

He claimed she was ‘talking to me but under her breath.’ Vice President Mike Pence made a similar claim in an interview Wednesday. 

‘For my family it was a very tough thing,’ Trump said of impeachment. ‘It just made my job so much busier,’ he said. 

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