Democrats Make up Wire Fraud Charge to “Criminally” Indict Trump; Threaten 20 Years in Prison

Fact checked
Democrats introduce wire fraud charge so they can criminally indict President Trump - threatening him with 20 years in prison

House Democrats have introduced a new “wire fraud” charge against President Trump – a crime that carries a maximum 20 year prison sentence.

This is absolutely DESPERATE, even for Democrats!

In the dead of night on Monday, the House Judiciary Committee released a 169-page report alleging President Trump committed criminal acts including bribery and wire fraud. reports: The report will accompany the two very broad articles of impeachment that will be voted on this week, likely on Wednesday.

Of course, they made the criminal charges up this past weekend after voting in committee on two bogus charges:

1.) Abuse of power – a very broad charge that means nothing
2.) Obstruction of Congress – a made up crime. It is something they completely made up out of whole cloth

And now Democrats are adding charges to their committee proposal.

They are completely making this up as they go along from day to day!
And the liberal Fake News media is right there with them!

We are witnessing a complete meltdown of the Democrat Party.
And the far left media hacks are RIGHT THERE WITH THEM 100%!

Liberal reporter Kyle Cheney posted the latest controversial language in the Democrat Party’s sham impeachment report.

The Democrats are alleging a 20 year prison sentence for something THEY NEVER EVEN VOTED ON~~