Alanis Morissette Admits Music Industry Is Run by Elite Pedophiles: ‘They’re ALL Child Rapists’

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Alanis Morissette says the music industry is run by pedophiles

Singer Alanis Morissette has blown the whistle on how the music industry is literally “run by pedophiles” in an explosive new video.

In a documentary called ‘Jagged,’ which premieres Tuesday at the Toronto International Film Festival, 47-year-old Morissette claims that the entertainment industry is run by elite pedophiles who routinely rape and abuse children.

According to Morissette, she was forced to have sex with multiple men in the entertainment industry when she was just a teenager.

“It took me years in therapy to even admit there had been any kind of victimization on my part,” Morissette said. “I would always say I was consenting, and then I’d be reminded like ‘Hey, you were 15, you’re not consenting at 15.’ Now I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, they’re all pedophiles. It’s all statutory rape.”

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Yahoo News reports:According to the Post, Morissette doesn’t name the alleged abusers in the film, but she faults the music industry for ignoring her when she tried to speak up. “I did tell a few people and it kind of fell on deaf ears,” she said. “It would usually be a stand-up, walk-out-of-the-room moment.” She also reportedly says that she frequently experienced unwanted sexual advances.

Last year, Morissette told The Sunday Times that “almost every woman in the music industry has been assaulted, harassed, raped,” and that this is “ubiquitous — more in music, even, than film.” She added, though, that women who want to speak out “face the threat of losing their job, reputation, or not being believed.” In the documentary, according to the Post, she says she hadn’t gone into “specific information” about her experiences because she wanted to “protect my parents, protect my brothers, protect future partners.”


    • She was 15. They were probably 60 but yeah she gave in. No other way in for females, especially young ones. Gross ugleeee old men.

  1. The world is run by pedophiles Every community People are so naive. They’re the community leaders and the well respected.

  2. These people were mocking us when we said this a decade ago. Now they’re releasing films at film festivals? Must be a stage set up for the Antichrist. I mean how’s the deception supposed to work with a bunk of people that don’t know what’s going on?
    Not buying that she’s a full female either. And how would she know it’s not as bad in film? I mean most of them were born into these Luciferian families. All backstories are made up.
    And for those that don’t believe in Christ or Lucifer, it really doesn’t matter because THEY DO.

    • You obviously haven’t been inside. Do you REALLY believe Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles were ‘born into’ pee doe families? No, but they find out when they get there. And while we’re at it… let’s talk about CHRISTIAN music stars.

  3. What she said is absolutely true. It is why the elites demand that the border be wide open otherwise they wouldn’t have a steady stream of children to rape and murder. After all, where are Epstein’s victims? Shouldn’t hundreds of women have come out by now? Can’t protest if Bill Clinton or Bill Gates strangled you to death. Ask yourself this: Where are the victims?

    • The victims moved down the processing line for adrenachrome harvesting I presume… Very sick people, if they are people at all.

    • After all the info came about about the priests and their victims, many in this elite sick club started killing off their victims so there were no witnesses.

  4. as a child of jean peters and howard hughes I was human traffic/ed by my mother and used a bait in death trap for howard.CBS FOX howard hawks and stan hugh and on and on and on.Trillions in patent royuitys lifted by bad guys running HHMI.DNA and sperm stolen by HHMI way back in the 1970`s.I had over 36 kids by age 9 forced by a mormon like fake family.Iàm vertually hooked by howard`s tech voice to ear and ear to voice off wireless and for about 40 years that tech is used on anyone and everyone.They have killed everyone into the 100`s now as Iàm 60 plus.The 1% stole all of the hughes tech that is what gave them the edge to take over.I have been forced to write songs movies TV and all my inventions taken by the 1% whom control HHMI the studios and the goverments.Artistes are just toys for producers to play with and throw away after they are done still billion from them and controlling them-than it is the nrxt one and on and on it goes.But after many many year most act as if they are cleaned up but that is by the time they are muti billionares from dope dealers to data stealing producers

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    • I was gonna say that.
      I’ve said things like this on Gateway Pundit, Breitbart and ZeroHedge, and I was banned on their comments section.
      Glad you said it, not me.

      • I would guess you were banned for having a conservative opinion… not saying Meathead, or anybody is a pedo. I was banned from utoob for ever for spreading undeniable facts….

    • Bribery and extortion… Children are the cabal’s tools to use against the fools who are stupid enough to play their sick pedo games… It is an initiation into their very private, sick and wealthy club. If any of the initiated should ever go against the cabal they get exposed for their depravity, or eliminated.

    • Amy Winehouse rejected them and she was murdered, same with many “stars” that would not fulfill their dark contracts and personally paid the ultimate price, before their time, like Robin Williams, Prince, and many others. Then there are the ” stars” who will actually have a loved one sacrificed to retain their “star” status well beyond their prime… jim cary, paul mc cartney, mik jagger, john travolta and many more… Just investigate the deaths that occurred closely around some “stars” and a very dark pattern will arise…

      Some have a loved one “taken” from them as a lesson, because they renege on the deal they cut, to do what they are told to do….

      • bill cosby betrayed them, look what they unleashed on him. killed his son, and utterly destroyed him, but he must have come back and bowed to them again, because he is out of prison all of a sudden. free and clear.

        • Another accuser from the cast of his show just stepped out a day or so again. She is saying he raped her. Bill must have pissed the cabal off again… maybe he is writing his memoirs. ?

      • you are over target. If you take the deal, then change your mind later, you pay big time. If you grow some morals and demonstrate them, you are finished.

  6. No Names..? Waste of time, Anyone with a brain already knows it is a cesspool… I would think you want justice, unless it would maybe expose more than you want exposed..?

    Where were your parents.? I bet they ignored your plight, because the pedos probably had them in their pockets too. You obviously were so driven by the promise of the fame and fortune, that you lost your moral compass and common sensibility.
    You were a willing victim whether you want to admit or not, and you are far from alone. The demons know who the easy targets are, and they are all rich and famous today, like you.

    • I don’t know about her but every parent who left a little boy overnight with Michael Jackson knew eventually and were paid off.

  7. I heard long ago that Amy Wine house rejected the cabal and she was murdered, same with many “stars” that would not sign, or fulfill their dark contracts… they personally paid the ultimate price, before their time, like Rob in Will iams, Prin ce, and many others. Then there are the ” stars” who will actually have a loved one or more, sacrificed to retain their “star” status well beyond their prime… ji m ca ry, pa ul mc cart ney, m ik jag ger, john tra volta and many more… Just investigate the deaths that occurred closely around some “stars” and a very dark pattern will emerge…
    Some have a loved one “taken” from them and/or have their careers destroyed as a lesson, because they renege on the deal they cut, to do what they are told to do… mic heal jack son and more come to mind…

    • Not true. She drank herself to death. What they find out when they get in often drives them to drugs and alcohol. There’s a lot of guilt in just keeping your mouth shut, I guess.

  8. I left in 1986. They ALL know why. And they go much younger than 15. Psycho sickos. Also, your male music heroes? Yeah, it’s not just the suits that are pee does.

  9. “Morissette doesn’t name the alleged abusers in the film”
    This sort of behavior will never be stopped as long as these “brave victims” continue to protect the names of their abusers. Don’t cha think?

  10. The music like the entertainment industry is run by Zionists.

    Perhaps these Jewish supremacists really to believe the Torah when it says all non-Jews are cattle – goyim.

  11. If she was truly a “brave” victim, she would name the abusers. I’m sure that if they are still alive, they are still abusing children. Where is her empathy?

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