FEMA Chief ‘Accidentally’ Vows To ‘Attack Health & Safety’ of Americans

Fact checked

The head of FEMA vowed a crackdown on Americans’ health and safety while standing alongside US President Donald Trump during a coronavirus task force briefing.

In what has been described as an ill-timed blooper, the FEMA directors comments were immediately mocked on social media.

RT reports: “The federal government continues to take aggressive action and proactive steps to address the Covid-19 threat…

… as we attack the health and safety, or protect the health and safety of the American people…

“It remains our top priority,” stated the Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Peter Gaynor.

The FEMA chief’s blunder did not go unnoticed, as dozens of alarmed Americans rushed to Twitter to wonder if they heard it right and mock it as an apparent ‘Freudian slip.’


At the daily briefing, President Trump said he had approved New York and Washington’s requests to declare a major disaster amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and was about to approve California’s request too.

Today I’m announcing action to help New York, California, and Washington ensure that the National Guard can effectively respond to this crisis.

“Through FEMA, the federal government will be funding 100 percent of the cost of deploying National Guard units to carry out approved missions to stop the virus, while governors remain in command,” Trump added.


  1. Oh look, the virus is biological weapon of war created in Canada most likely and unleashed upon Wuhan to look like the catalyst. They’re getting the martial laws the health departments totalitarian controls, the quantitative easing, and the trillions more worth of debts sold to the world that they want and owning and controlling the worlds media privately, in their magic circle, they can run the story to win their Way.

  2. This Wuhan Corona Virus Covid-19 is an attack on all freedom loving peoples around the world…. The Bioweapon was released in late October early November using a manipulated corona virus taken from the Canadian Government Laboratory by a Chinese scientist who made four trips back to her home lab in Wuhan China. The molecular structure of the virus was manipulated weaponized and released… The Hyped up reporting by American news sources was in place from the beginning… The purpose of the impeachment hoax was to keep President Trump busy elsewhere with attention focused on the lies being promoted by the Democrat party. After several attempts to destroy President Trump the leftists under the leadership of the United Nations went all in to preserve the upcoming Chinese century (Silk Road Project) in which a one world communist regime led by the U.N. seizes total and absolute control over human life… The story gets much deeper and darker as we look into population control by the U.N. as they put both agenda 21 and agenda 2030 into full operation….. The goal is to reduce the global population from the current 7.6 billion people to 300 million resulting in 7.3 billion people over ten years…. This is not time to fear this virus COVID19 it is time to rise up to defeat this enemy stopping their sick plot against humanity in it’s tracks. God bless us all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!..

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