Maskless Fauci Attends Crowded Pre Dinner Party After Turning Down Main Event Over Covid Fears

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A maskless Dr Fauci was spotted taking selfies with CNN host Don Lemon at a White House Correspondents’ Dinner pre-party on Sunday after saying he would not be attending the main event beacuse of covid fears.

The presidents chief medical advisor cited an “individual assessment of his personal risk” for not going to the main event, yet he was was happy to attend the crowded pre-party brunch without a face covering

Donald Trumps former political advisor Sean Spicer took to Twitter to share a snap of Biden posing with Lemon and his partner, real estate agent Tim Malone.

He pointed out the rampant hypocrisy:

Summit News reoports: How many times have Lemon and Fauci sat in a TV studio condemning everyone else for being reckless when it comes to social distancing and masks?

Of course, the hired help were all wearing masks:

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