Dr. Fauci in 2017: Trump Will ‘Definitely’ Face ‘Surprise’ Infectious Disease Outbreak In ‘Next Few Years’

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During a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University in 2017, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Trump would "definitely" face a "surprise" infectious disease outbreak in the next few years.

During a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University in 2017, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Trump would “definitely” face a “surprise” infectious disease outbreak in the next few years.

We will definitely get surprised in the next few years,” Dr, Fauci assured the audience of academics.

The thing we’re extraordinarily confident about is that we’re going to see this in the next few years.,” said Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Risks have never been higher.”

Near the end of his disturbing speech at Georgetown, Dr. Fauci speculated about the possibility that there could be a resurgence of Zika or maybe a new influenza pandemic, while he couldn’t rule out the possibility of outbreaks of diseases that are not yet on anyone’s radar.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. This Wuhan Corona Virus Covid-19 is an attack on all freedom loving peoples around the world. The Bioweapon was released in late October early November using a manipulated corona virus taken from the Canadian Government Laboratory by a Chinese scientist who made four trips back to her home lab in Wuhan China. The molecular structure of the virus was manipulated weaponized and released. The Hyped up reporting by American news sources was in place from the beginning. The purpose of the impeachment hoax was to keep President Trump busy elsewhere with attention focused on the lies being promoted by the Democrat party. After several attempts to destroy President Trump the leftists under the leadership of the United Nations went all in to preserve the upcoming Chinese century (Silk Road Project) in which a one world communist regime led by the U.N. seizes total and absolute control over human life. The story gets much deeper and darker as we look into population control by the U.N. as they put both agenda 21 and agenda 2030 into full operation.
    The goal is to reduce the global population from the current 7.6 billion people to 300 million resulting in 7.3 billion people over ten years. This is not time to fear this virus COVID19 it is time to rise up to defeat this enemy stopping their sick plot against humanity in it’s tracks. God bless us all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!

    • The U.N should be surrounded with all members arrested for crimes against humanity
      and closed for good. There is absolutely no need for any organizations that think they
      can give orders to any country they want , that sounds like tyranny to me. Rich confused
      and jealous.

  2. DrFauci is one of “them” the new world super tyrants. He’s a demonstrates total crook and completely amoral person who should be behind bars not a microphone Him and his Co conspirator in the Who are behind the whole evil covid19 mass murder and economic extortion blackmail swindle and racket to destroy democracy.

  3. Fauci is a little tiny psychopath and will say anything his communist U.N masters order.
    He took an oath to save lives but instead he spreads lies and helps create and spread
    false flag attacks and real sicknesses. This small man needs to be in jail with all the
    other criminals in the U.N.

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