Pedophile Dr Who Groomed ’13 Yr Old Girl’ Walks Free After Lawyer Blamed His Actions On Working Long Hours

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A 28 year old pedophile doctor who groomed a ’13-year-old girl’ on Kik using the username ‘olderc**k’ has been spared prison after his lawyer blamed his actions on working long hours during the covid pandemic.

Junior doctor James Peter Farthing, who worked for the NHS In Stockport, spoke to the ‘teenager’ using the messaging service Kik as well as on Snapchat.

He asked to see photographs of her body and shared images of his penis.

The accounts were actually being run by an undercover police officer and Farthing was later arrested for attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child.

The Mail Online reports: However, today he walked free from Minshull Street Crown Court after being handed a suspended sentence.

Lawyers mitigating for Farthing, said he had been juggling working long hours during the pandemic, his wife’s health condition and his training. 

They said he had ’emotional struggles’, had been watching pornography and smoking cannabis at the time – but that he was working to address his issues.

Her Honour Judge Tina Landale sentenced him to six months in prison, suspended for two years, after he admitted attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child.

He was handed concurrent sentences for attempting to involve a child aged 13 or over in non-penetrative sexual activity; and attempting to engage with a child aged 13 to 15 to watch and look at images of a sexual nature.

The court heard Farthing spoke to the ‘girl’ on Kik – under the username ‘olderc**k’, Fiona Clancy, prosecuting said. He also spoke to her on Snapchat, in March.

He said he was 23 and from Leeds. The ‘girl’ was called ‘Beth’ and was said to have been from Liverpool.

The cop used a picture of kittens to portray how young she was, Ms Clancy said.

Farthing asked ‘Beth’ if she was into ‘older guys’ and if she would send him a picture.

‘Beth’ told him: ‘I’m 13, by the way.’ Farthing replied: ‘Cool. Are you down for role play or sex?’

He asked to see her body and offered to show her his penis. The ‘girl’ said she was worried about sending a photograph.

Farthing reassured her that if she didn’t include her face, it ‘should be fine’.

‘The fact that the undercover officer was 13 was reiterated, but the sexual conversations continued,’ Ms Clancy said, as the conversations moved to Snapchat.

Farthing told ‘Beth’: ‘I have spoken to a few girls that like older men.’

The officer then sent a picture of a young, clothed girl.  Farthing sent a photograph of his penis.

‘I really want to touch your body and see what you look like naked,’ he said.

He then sent another picture of his penis.

Ms Clancy said that when officers arrested Farthing, he said he was ‘ashamed’ and ‘tried to stop’, but ‘gave in to sexual pleasure’, the court heard.

Simon Gurney, defending, said Farthing, who has no previous convictions, was ‘deeply ashamed and remorseful for his behaviour’.


    • You got it! People are realizing this on a mass scale. “Covid” is a global psyop to identify the people who are not sheep so we can be rounded up when the time comes.

  1. Justice is no where to be found. Persecution of the believers is at hand. Walk tightly with God so you will not feel the abuse imposed on you. Keep the faith don’t slip. Eat their persecution like a banana split. Jesus will be with you, and their power will be futile. They think they will be hurting you, but you wont feel a thing but sorrow for your persecutors.

  2. Yeah right And how much cas* did his lawyer ask for in payment on the morning of the final appearance.? Why don’t journalists ask the real questions they all know we all know. Everyone knows.

  3. In a communist regime, everyone is equal except those that are more equal than others – unequal weights and measures against the goyim and in support of the cabal are from the talmud and codified by the kol-nidre

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