The Gown Of ‘Regal’ Maskless Hillary Attended To By Black Masked ‘Servant’

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Hliiary Clinton

A maskless Hillary Clinton arrived at the 2022 Met Gala on Monday evening, in a blood-colored custom gown.

As she walked the red carpet, her gown was attended to by a masked black staffer in an image that gave off ‘slave owner vibes’.

While many blasted the display, Vareity described Clinton, with her gown which had women’s names sown into it, as ‘Regal’:

Summit News reports: The dress wasn’t what caught the eye of most though, rather it was the hired ‘help’ masked and making sure to attend to Clinton’s length train:

But she commissioned the gown from a prisoner. Huh? That just adds to the slavey vibe.

Wait, isn’t this a ‘racist’ sign?

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