REVEALED: CIA Providing Ukrainian Forces With Real-Time Intelligence Tracking Russian Movements

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The CIA has been providing real-time intelligence to Ukrainian forces since Russia vowed to “deNazify” the Zelensky regime and invaded the country in February, former and current U.S. officials have confirmed.

Officials revealed to NBC News on Tuesday that American intelligence played a crucial role in Ukraine’s campaigns so far, and have helped the Kiev regime by repeatedly flagging the time and location of planned Russian strikes.   

From the get-go, we leaned pretty heavily forward in sharing both strategic and actionable intelligence with Ukraine,‘ said a US official who agreed to speak to the outlet under the condition of anonymity.

It’s been impactful both at a tactical and strategic level. There are examples where you could tell a pretty clear story that this made a major difference.

A former senior intelligence official also told NBC News of the de facto alliance: ‘There has been a lot of real-time intelligence shared in terms of things that could be used for specific targeting of Russian forces.’

The ex-official revealed that much of the funneled information consists of commercial satellite images, ‘but also a lot of other intelligence about, for example, where certain types of Russian units are active.’ Daily Mail report:

On Tuesday, an analysis by independent Russian outlet MediaZona revealed that 317 officers of junior lieutenant rank and above have been killed in Putin’s so-far failed invasion, in a little over two months of fighting. At least eight generals have been killed.

Almost a third of the casualties came from the most senior grades – major or above – including a slew of generals and the deputy commander of Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

Last week, in one of the most recent blows to the larger and better equipped Russian war machine, Moscow admitted yet another officer, Col. Mikhail Nagamov, had been killed in action, on April 13 – reportedly the 35th colonel to do so.

His death was announced just hours after the death of Alexander Chirva, captain of the Caesar Kunikov tank landing ship – which was blown up by a Ukrainian air strike in in the port of Berdyansk.

Major General Vladimir Frolov, meanwhile, the deputy commander of the 8th Combined Arms Army and one of Putin’s most senior officers, was also killed earlier this month – the eighth general to die in the conflict.

The steady stream of high-ranking soldier deaths comes as it’s been estimated that between 15,000 and 22,000 Russian troops have been slain in combat by Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s army – with Moscow only owning up to a fraction of those deaths. 

The partnership between the US and Ukraine – which unprecedented due to Ukraine’s status as a non-NATO nation – has led to a number of successful militarchy operations, the official told the outlet, including Ukraine’s successful attack on a Russian IL-76 transport plane carrying hundreds of troops in Kiev in February.

The planned assault was successfully repelled thanks to the near-real-time intelligence provided by the US, the officials revealed to NBC, foiling Putin’s planned strike on a key airport in capital.    

The intelligence provided by the US has allowed Ukrainian forces to know where to strike, what Russian units are active and which are decoys, and where the invading forces plan to bomb, the officials said. 

The officials told the outlet that the secret operations have saved countless Ukrainian lives and military equipment, and have caused Moscow to waste valuable time and ammunition in their ongoing assault. 

‘The Russian military has literally been cratering empty fields where air defenses were once set up,’ the official said after Ukrainian forces were moved following a US tip. ‘It has had an enormous impact on the Russian military’s ability on the ground.’

The White House National Security Council confirmed the existence of the partnership in a statement Tuesday.

‘We are regularly providing detailed, timely intelligence to the Ukrainians on the battlefield to help them defend their country against Russian aggression and will continue to do so,’ a representative said.

Officials also told NBC that the stream of information detailing the Kremlin’s planned missile, bomb, and infantry strikes enabled Ukrainian fighters to preemptively strike an airborne Russian transport plane heading to Hostomel airport, 30 miles outside Kyiv, in March.

The attack proved paramount in the battle to save then-under-siege Kiev, weakening and discouraging Putin’s forces who again failed to secure a tactical position at the airfield.

Top Russian general Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky was subsequently shot dead in the ensuing battle by a Ukrainian sniper – a major blow to the morale and leadership of Moscow’s military.

Another official added that the CIA has also been funneling information to Ukrainian forces, on how they can best protect and transport its leaders, including President Zelenskyy, currently a prime target for Russian invaders, NBC reported. 

The official said the agency is currently consulting with Ukraine on ‘how best to move him around, making sure that he’s not co-located with his entire chain of command, things like that.’

The official revealed that the CIA has been active in Ukraine since Russia seized Crimea in 2014, helping the Eastern European country oust Russian spies. 

‘There has been a very robust relationship between U.S. intel agencies and the Ukrainians for the last eight years,’ the official said, noting it was this bond that allowed the US to readily share its information with Ukraine when Russia began its invasion.

The previously unreported operation, they said, has proved to be a crucial role in the success Zelenskyy’s army has seen against Putin’s markedly more powerful and technologically advanced army, and has seen a sizable portion of Putin’s most senior men wiped out.

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