VIDEO – Is Amanda Bynes Another Victim of Monarch Mind-Control Being Punished by the Illuminati?

Fact checked

We know, we know, this is technically “old” news, however, this is a great video posted to the YouTube channel StillSpeakingOut (make sure you check out their other videos!).  For those who don’t know, one of our our favorite websites (you MUST check them out) is called The Vigilant Citizen (link here for the best, top quality articles on MK-Ultra, mind control, etc), posted an article last year chronicling actress Amanda Bynes’ fall from grace.

Vigilant Citizen says in their article: “Amanda Bynes’ metamorphosis from a promising child star to a bizarre woman with worrying behavior is yet another example of how the MK-Ultra entertainment industry messes up the minds of those who grow up within it. While most media sources cite “drugs” or “mental problem” as causes of her erratic behavior, these are only symptoms of the true issue here: Bynes is yet another former child star going through a MK programming meltdown.”

They go on to say: “Now, at age 27, Bynes looks and acts extremely different, as if she was thoroughly traumatized and “re-programmed” in the past years. Was it Monarch Mind Control? When approaching the age of 30, MK slaves often go through a meltdown – a result of the their minds and bodies not being able to cope with the intense trauma they are subjected to anymore.”  (You can read the whole article here – it is well worth it!)

Anyway, just recently we stumbled upon this chilling video explaining Bynes’ potential MK Ultra mental breakdown.  Let us know what you think in the comments section!