Trump Vows to Pardon January 6 Political Prisoners: “They Are Being Treated So Unfairly”

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President Trump to pardon all Jan. 6th political prisoners

President Trump has promised to pardon all of the January 6 political prisoners within hours of taking office in 2024.

Speaking to over 50,000 supporters at a rally in Conroe, Texas on Saturday night, Trump praised the Canadian truckers and their Freedom Convoy.

He also praised Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote and their work on Democrat ballot trafficking in several battleground states.

President Trump also promised to release the January 6 Political Prisoners in D.C.

President Trump: If I run and if I win we will treat those people from January 6 fairly. We will treat them fairly. And if it requires pardons we will give them pardons. Because they are being treated so unfairly. This hasn’t happened to all the other atrocities that took place. Nothing like this has happened. What that Un-Select Committee is doing and what the people are doing that are running those prisons, it is a disgrace!


  1. Yes it is And in hindsight its a great shame he didn’t actually take control of the Capitol and claim the Presidency and none of this would have happened. He should have taken possession of the House and had Pelosi and Biden arrested and imprisoned

    • He should have but he also needed for the rest of the Citizenry to see just what a pack of lies the Democrats were presenting and expose both their agenda and treason. Whole bunch of people let us down, from the Supreme Court to Pence. He made a big mistake by not cleaning out the FBI, CIA, DOJ as a whole while still president and pardoning even more people that were political prisoners. Just remember the Libs were, and still are, trying to seek out ‘Something’ they can not only pin on Trump but lock him up, while so much evidence is coming out about their own corruption. They have got to have WWIII with ”evil’ Russia rather than people pay attention to the Durham report.

        • We know who the major players in the 911 op were. Not one political leader dares say it directly, Not even Putin who managed to point a finger without addressing names or titles…essentially saying , ‘WE weren’t the ones who acquired the mini nukes , We weren’t the ones who installed them….” etc. Need to get ahold of that speech again, but cant re find the video.

  2. How long should anyone spend as time in jail for a simple tresspassing charge normally? At this point in time I think everyone in jail for Jan 6 tresspass waiting for their trials should be sent home. And alll those abusive jail guards should be behind bars themselves. It is a crime to abuse prisoners, obviously.

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