Facebook Executive Tells CNBC: Social Media Is A ‘Deep State’ Surveillance Tool

Fact checked
Facebook executive claims social network is a surveillance state

Former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya recently told CNBC that social media sites such as Facebook and Google are mass surveillance tools used by the deep state to spy on citizens.

According to Palihapitiya, “Facebook and Google effectively are surveillance states…they have so much personal, private information about so many citizens of so many countries.”

Blastingnews.com reports: While mister Palihapitiya’s heart might be in the right place, it’s difficult to expect governments to intervene and introduce regulatory measures, when governments and corporations are those benefiting the most from this.

Big Brother is alive and well, watching every move you make. While Palihapitiya claims that Google and Facebook are “effectively surveillance states,” one can’t help but conclude that both companies are indeed tools of the surveillance state, just another weapon in the state’s arsenal, so to speak.

The implications

Chamath Palihapitiya is not the first and probably not the last ex-insider to speak about this publicly. The question is: what can we do about it?

A right not exercised is a right lost — claiming you have “nothing to hide” is like claiming you have “nothing to say” and letting the state take away your freedom of speech. Realizing that this is wrong and a massive privacy invasion is a great step in the right direction.

Apart from that, it’s safe to assume that the tighter the rope the state ties around the peoples’ necks, the greater the chances of us completely rejecting everything to do with the so-called surface web and emigrating to places like the dark web.

Anonymity is a right. And if things keep moving in this direction, more and more of us will have to learn how to exercise it. #social networks

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