Saudi Sisters Found Dead, Duct-Taped Together In New York’s Hudson River

Fact checked

Two Saudi Arabian sisters who had applied for asylum in the United States, have been found dead duct-taped together in New York’s Hudson River.

The bodies of Rotana Farea, 22, and Tala Farea, 16 were  discovered duct-taped together at the waist and ankles, face to face, on a bank of the Hudson river on October 24th

Press TV reports: Their family had been ordered to leave the US by an official at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, according to the girls’ mother, who had received the call a day before her children were found.

No cause of death has been released, days after the bodies were found fully clothed and facing one another.

The sisters were students “accompanying their brother in Washington,” according to a statement by Saudi Arabia’s consulate general in New York.

The statement added that the consulate had “appointed an attorney to follow the case closely” and “extended its support and aid in this trying time.”