David Cameron Is Bored Sh*tless – Threatens To Return To British Politics

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Social media users urge him to ‘stay in the shed’

Former Prime Minister David Cameron has told friends that he is thinking about making a return to British politics as Foreign Secretary… because he’s “bored shitless”

Cameron claims he has been so bored since leaving Westminster and he would like to make a comeback… but only after the publication of his memoirs which are due to be released next spring.

The idea has been met with a mixture of astonishment and ridicule on social media where users are basically urging Cameron to ‘stay in the shed’

RT reports: Cameron reportedly confided in a close friend that he hopes to make a reappearance on the Tory government frontbench, just two years after quitting as PM, after failing to secure a win for Remain in the 2016 EU referendum, The Sun reports.

According to the paper, a source close to Cameron also did not rule out the move if a future Tory leader called on him to return. The source said: “David is dedicated to public service, and has often said he wouldn’t rule out a public role one day, domestically or internationally.

“But he is only 52, and still a young man.”

The prospect of the former PM making a return to frontline politics hasn’t gone down too well on social media, with leading journalists from across the political spectrum taking turns in admonishing the referendum loser.

Some have insisted that Cameron should give up on the idea and instead have suggested alternative ways he could occupy his time if he’s really “bored s***less.”

Recommendations to keep Cameron away from politics include volunteering at one of the four food banks in his former constituency and becoming the editor of Waitrose magazine. World War II veteran Harry Leslie Smith, claimed Cameron’s return “would be as welcome as antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea.”

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