Former US Soldier Says ‘War On Terror’ Is To Establish US Hegemony In Middle East

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There is no end in sight to the ‘war on terror’ as it is intended to establish US hegemony in the Middle East according to a US Army veteran

Major Danny Sjursen who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan says the US ‘war on terror’ is a “battle for basic hegemony in the Middle East” and warned that it could be never ending.

Sjursen told RT’s Watching the Hawks, that America’s 17-year long ‘war’ is unprecedented in American history and that children who were born after 9/11 will  soon be joining the military.

RT reports: Sjursen called the War on Terror a misnomer. “How do you fight a war against a tactic. Terrorism is a tactic,” he asked.

“What it really has been, in my opinion, is a war for basic hegemony in the Middle East,” Sjursen said. He believes that even though some of it may be backed by humanitarian impulses, “I don’t suspect that the government necessarily fights just for oil or whatever the different conspiracies [are].”

“The War on Terror, as far as I see it, is potentially perpetual. There is no end in sight,” he added.

Calling for a teaching of the mistakes from the “messy history” of the US misadventure in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sjursen warned that the US is “apt to repeat” these mistakes “whether it’s in Iran, whether it’s in West Africa.”

“American soldiers are dying countries Americans can’t pronounce, they can’t find on the map, and part of the problem and part of the reason for that they aren’t really educated on this.”

Sjursen called for the War on Terror to be taught in schools and for honest and critical conversations to be had publicly in order to educate the average American on it.


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