Here’s How Walking Barefoot Will Heal Your Organs

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Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot acts as a natural acupuncture, serving to revitalize your system and potentially help heal vital organs.

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There are spots on our feet and palms that are associated with all the vital organs in the body. By stimulating these points we are actually massaging the internal organs and improve the flow of vital energy through them, thereby becoming healthier and more vital.
Long ago, people used to walk barefoot on stones, grass and sand and thus the process of acupressure was unfolding naturally.

In our bodies run bioelectricity that gives energy to all our organs which makes them function properly and balanced. This bioelectricity flows through meridians network, which is similar to the bloodstream.

Meridians start of each finger of both hands, extending through the body and end up on the fingertips of the toes. When they flow, electricity flows free and all organs receive the energy they need for optimum performance.

Walking barefoot

When energy cannot come to some organ, due to distortion of its work, disease occurs over time.
There are a series of “circuit breakers” for all our vital organs and body parts, the hands and the soles.

Head points are located on the fingers: brain, sinuses, eyes and ears. The upper part of the hand and the foot there are points for the upper body, and the lower part of the hand and the foot are for the lower body.

If you want to activate these points you need to massage your feet or walk barefoot.

For gaining optimal health and vitality you need to massage each hand and foot for 5 minutes every morning. The pressure must be strong but not too strong because you do not need to feel pain while performing this massage.

With the help of acupressure, you can get rid of the problems with sinuses, problems with digestion, stress, lack of energy, frequent infections, heart problems and hormonal disorders.

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  1. Hello, please could you tell me if walking in the grass will help relieve M.E and the Menopause. Thank you

  2. Hello, please could you tell me if walking in the grass will help relieve M.E and the Menopause. Thank you

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