Syria Slams Turkey’s Military ‘Aggression’ Into Its Territory

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Syria Slams Turkey’s Military 'Aggression' Into Its Territory

Syria has slammed Turkey’s military incursion, backed by the US-led coalition, into Syrian territory saying  that the offensive violates the country’s sovereignty.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned and called for an end to Turkey’s military aggression adding that the operation was being carried out under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Press TV reports:

“Any party conducting a battle against terrorism on Syrian soil must do so in coordination with the Syrian government and the Syrian army,” the statement read, adding, “Chasing out Daesh and replacing them with terrorist groups backed by Turkey is not fighting terrorism.”

The reaction came hours after Turkish special forces, tanks and jets backed by planes from the US-led coalition launched their first coordinated offensive in Syria.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the operation in northern Syria was launched in the early hours of Wednesday morning “against terror groups” such as Daesh and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) – a US-backed Kurdish group based in Syria – that “constantly threaten” Turkey.

The epicenter of the military action, dubbed “Euphrates Shield,” is the Syrian border town of Jarablus, from where Ankara says militants have fired rockets into Turkey.

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