Olympic Runner Caster Semenya: ‘My Testicles Don’t Make Me Less Of A Woman’

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Caster Semenya’s recent interview with the BBC has caused quite a stir on social media.

During the interview the Olympic champion runner confidently asserted that his testicles don’t negate his womanhood.

Semenya reportedly has “46 XY” rather than the XX chromosomes that women have, however he was raised as a female and presents himself as a “masculine woman.”

He has even fathered two children

In 2020, the Swedish supreme court in 2020 refused to allow Semenya to compete against women without taking hormone-suppressing drugs. He refused.

InfoWars reports: Discussing his biology after being born with 5α-Reductase 2 deficiency, which only affects males, the two-time gold olympic medalist defended himself competing in women’s events, despite having “internal testicles” that produce testosterone.

“For me I believe if you are a woman, you are a woman,” Semenya told the BBC. “I have realized I want to live my life and fight for what I think and I believe in myself. I don’t care about the medical terms or what they tell me. Being born without a uterus or internal testicles. Those don’t make me less of a woman. I am a woman and have a vagina just like any other woman.”

Semenya made similar comments last week on CBS Mornings:

The olympian’s comments were strongly criticized on social media, including by female athletes tired of men having unfair advantages in women’s sports.

“Semenya is not a woman with high testosterone levels. He is a male with normal testosterone levels,” wrote swimmer Riley Gaines.

Others, including outraged women, reacted with similar condemnation, with some calling for him to give back his awards.

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