WEF Insider Admits Canadian Wildfires Being Used to Poison Americans

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The WEF-penetrated nation of Canada is being used as Ground Zero to launch a devastating chemical attack on the United States to poison the population, reduce our life spans, and depopulate the earth.

The WEF-penetrated nation of Canada is being used as Ground Zero to launch a devastating chemical attack on the United States to poison the population, reduce our life spans, and depopulate the earth.

Fake Canadian wildfires have been orchestrated by the globalist elite to poison our air, water, and soil, according to a World Economic Forum insider who warns that the elite are just getting started with rolling out their nefarious plan across the world.

Remember when Klaus Schwab boasted he had completely penetrated the Canadian government? He wasn’t joking.

The Trudeau regime is nothing more than a puppet government at this stage, doing the bidding of the Davos elite, and prepared to perpetrate crimes against humanity to further their globalist agenda. Watch:

Having brought their Covid series to an end, the globalist elite are moving onto their next phase. What’s next? The answer is mayhem. Total and utter mayhem.

On June 2 there were over 100 forest fires in Quebec, Canada, with 10 of them officially out of control. Trudeau didn’t waste anytime blaming climate change.

But there was just one problem. The fires didn’t behave like normal forest fires. Rather than spreading organically, these fires all erupted at exactly the same time. And we have proof. This massive outbreak of fires was captured by veteran geologic watchdog DutchSensi on Youtube.

The forest fires that started unnaturally continued to behave unlike any other fires in history.

For starters, they aren’t producing smoke, they are producing a strong chemical odor that has left tens of millions of people with severe headaches and nausea.

The globalist war on our health went into overdrive with the Covid plandemic, and now the elite have reached the next phase of their long heralded plan.

The People’s Voice has already exposed Bill Gates’ plan to force humanity to stop eating meat and start eating his fake lab-grown beef – which just so happens to cause turbo cancers in humans.

Not content with replacing meat with synthetic carcinogenic gloop, Gates is also making moves to poison the fruit and vegetable supply, pumping millions of dollars into a plan to coat all fruit and vegetables with an invisible product that can’t be removed no matter how hard you scrub it.

And guess what? This product is carcinogenic as well. Notice a pattern emerging here?

The Canadian wildfires are part of this plot against humanity, literally blanketing major cities with formaldehyde and benzine.

Tens of millions of people in the US are breathing in this toxic air as smoke from the Canadian wildfires drifts south, turning the sky a murky brown in some of the country’s biggest cities.

It’s not just New York City and Cincinnati. The formaldehyde levels in Michigan and many other US cities are off the charts.

According to the mainstream media, there is no evidence the pollution contains formaldehyde. But you have you seen the evidence provided by a concerned local man doing his own investigation.

At this stage they are literally telling us not to believe what we can see with our own eyes.

Who are you going to believe, the mainstream media, ensconced in their ivory towers, or the man on the ground, who has to breathe this stuff?

The mainstream media gatekeepers are also telling us that we are not allowed to ask why the air is more toxic in US cities than it is in Canada, where the so-called forest fires are actually burning.

Why is the air quality worse in cities like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and D.C. than it is in Canada?

The situation makes absolutely no sense, unless it is part of an artfully created plot against humanity, in which case it makes perfect sense. The globalist elite are poisoning us, reducing lifespans, depopulating the world, and giving themselves an excuse to enact draconian climate change policies including lockdowns and punitive taxes.

This is the excuse the New World Order needs to continue locking us down. According to Biden’s climate czar John Kerry, the global elite are going to get more “militant.”

Klaus Schwab has been threatening to unleash a catastrophic natural disaster for years now. He told us to prepare to live in an angrier world.

In the other fully penetrated WEF nation, Emmanuel Macron’s France, we are seeing the results of the WEF vision for humanity.

France has been brought to its knees by widespread riots and violence, with thousands of buildings destroyed, and brainwashed liberals begging the authorities not to arrest anybody who isn’t white because that would be racist.

France has fallen. And Klaus Schwab’s puppet Emmanuel Macron couldn’t be happier with his work, celebrating with Elton John while Paris burned.

The World Economic Forum has been boasting about their plans to depopulate the world for years now. Isn’t it time we took them at their word?

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