Trump’s Travel Ban List To Include Non-Muslim Countries

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Travelers from eight countries are now restricted from visiting the US, after President Trump expanded his controversial travel ban list to include a couple of non-Muslim-majority countries.

A move that prompted the US Supreme Court to remove two cases involving Trump’s controversial Muslim travel ban off its oral argument calendar, which were due to be heard in October.

Venezuela and North Korea, together with Chad, have now joined Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia on Trump’s Muslim travel ban list.

Their citizens now face a travel ban to the US, so that Americans can sleep tight at night, knowing that the person walking in the shadows is vetted and declared safe by the authorities, and not some home-grown patsy who is going to turn and do something silly as instructed by his FBI handler.

travel ban listMiddle East Eye reports:

The addition of North Korea and Venezuela broadens the restrictions from the original, mostly Muslim-majority list.

It also removes Sudan, one of the countries in the original ban, leaving eight nations with complete or partial blocks on travel to the US.

The new restrictions, slated to go into effect on 18 October, resulted from a review after President Donald Trump’s original travel bans were challenged in court.

“North Korea does not cooperate with the United States government in any respect and fails to satisfy all information-sharing requirements,” the statement said.

Full travel bans were placed on nationals from North Korea and Chad, while the restrictions for Venezuela were limited to officials from a long list of government agencies and their families.

An administration official briefing reporters on a conference call acknowledged that the number of North Koreans travelling to the US now was very low.

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