Megyn Kelly Skeptical About Paul Pelosi Investigation: ‘I Know Enough To Smell A Rat’

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Megyn Kelly is, like so many others, skeptical about the official version of events related to the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul.

During an interview with Sen. Tom Cotton on her SiriusXM podcast, the former Fox News host cast doubt on the San Francisco Police Departments account of the Paul Pelosi attack.

She also pushed back against Democrats’ claims that the alleged attack by “lunatic” David DePape was politically motivated.

Hillary Clinton was among those who accused Republicans them of spreading “hate and deranged conspiracy theories”, suggesting the attack on Pelosi was the inevitable result. She then further declared that the attack was part of “Racism, Misogyny, Antisemitism” embraced by Trump supporters.

Infowars reports: I don’t know what went on. I know enough to smell a rat,” Kelly said Monday. “There’s something going on here that they’re not telling us.”

“Yet the press has gone deep dark down the rabbit hole of trying to say this is all about January 6th, because the lunatic’s latest iteration of craziness was focused on some Q Anon theories and things along those lines, notwithstanding his BLM flag and his LGBTQ flag out in front of [his home].”

“I feel like at a minimum, the SFPD has egg on its face because even under the most generous story to Paul Pelosi and to the San Francisco police, they were in the house when this guy attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer,” Kelly said.

“I’m not sure how that happened,” she continued. “How do you have police officers on site and an 82-year-old gets attacked with a hammer in front of you when you have a gun as a police officer?”

“It’s one of the many questions here. As you point out, there are security cameras all over that house. You can see them from the outside – were they turned on?”

“If not, why not? She’s the speaker of the House,” Kelly added.

Kelly went on to excoriate the “media reaction” to the Pelosi attack, noting how they immediately helped Democrats tie the attack to the January 6 insurrection narrative.

Rather than offering transparency to quell speculation swirling from contradictory accounts of the attack, the San Francisco District Attorney declared her office will not release any body cam or security camera footage “at this time.”