Iceland: Fears Massive Volcano May Be Set To Erupt As 1,200 Earthquakes Logged In 2 Days

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Iceland volcano

There are fears that a monster volcano may be about to erupt in a matter of days after 1,200 earthquakes were recorded in 48 hours.

The quakes, which have been logged on a peninsular in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland since 10pm on July 4, have sparked panic as scientists from the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the University of Iceland arranged to meet with civil protection agents.

Despite fears of an eruption, there is allegedly no indication that one is imminent.

MSN reports: Local media say that seismic activity has increased with magma rising and pooling under the earth’s surface since the start of April.

Of the 1,200 quakes, eight were above magnitude three, with the most-powerful being between 3.6 and 3.7.

Natural hazards expert at Iceland’s Met Office Elísabet Pálmadóttir told local outlet Visir that her team is closely monitoring the situation.

Their research involves checking to see whether the quakes were moving closer to the surface.

She said there has been no unrest witness leading up to the last eruption at Fagradalsfjall.

Elísabet said: “This is definitely a lot of activity, and we take it seriously.”

Researchers are checking whether magma is now pooling under the surface© Getty Images

As to whether there will be an eruption in the coming days, Magnús Freyr Sigurkarlsson told RÚV that the intrusion activity was taking place at a depth of around five kilometres and that magma was accumulating.

He noted that the activity was similar to the lead-up to the last eruption where there was intrusion activity for five days before magma rose to the surface, reports the Daily Express.

Magnús said: “If this continues we think that there is a possibility that an eruption could occur within a few days.”

He added that it appeared as if the earthquakes had moved closer to the surface on Thursday morning, but that it was harder to tell.

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