Tragic: 4 Year Old Indian Girl Beheaded In “Tantric” Ceremony

Fact checked

3 people have been charged with murder after pouring boiling oil on a four year old before they beheaded her as part of a “tantric” religious sacrifice.

The Milli Gazzette writes:

The tantric and two accomplices were arrested Wednesday at Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. The body of the girl, named Surjo, was found in a field the previous day. She had been “beheaded, her fingers cut off and her hair burnt to a cinder”, a police spokesman said.

He said the three had apparently poured boiling oil on the girl before beheading and mutilating her. Police were looking for a woman who had handed over the girl to the tantric after he had told her to sacrifice a child to be cleansed spiritually. (

MG comment: This kind of utterly criminal human sacrifice, called “Bali”, is rampant in north India but authorities treat it casually just as they treat “dowry deaths” in which young women are burnt alive when their greedy in-laws fail to extract more dowry from their hapless parents. In a apparent self-censorship, English-language Indian newspapers and magazines seldom report these ghastly events.

Urdu and Hindi papers report these events almost daily. Readers too go through them as if they are routine events.

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