‘Hurtful Comments’: British Police Visit Woman For ‘Disrespecting Pedophiles’ on Social Media

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Suspected pedophiles and sex pests who are on the run are set to be officially let off the hook by overworked British Police.

A woman who made “hurtful” comments about pedophiles on the internet has been visited by police who accused her of being “untoward about pedophiles on YouTube,” according to reports.

Kelly J. Keane (known to many as Posie Parker) says that police officers from Wiltshire Constabulary were seeking to enter her property, without a warrant, following a report that Keane had posted some “disrespectful words” about pedophiles on the internet.

According to Keane, the officers stated that she had been reported for a “criminal offense“, but refused to specify exactly which crime she allegedly committed. Mrs. Keane asked if she was being accused of a “hate crime” or a “non-crime hate incident” but, again, the officers were vague about which law she was supposed to have broken.

When Keane asked what specifically she had done that could possibly warrant two police officers to come to her house, one of the officers responded:

“You have been untoward about pedophiles on YouTube.”

There was a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, that being a pedophile was seen as the lowest of the low. Now, however, the police don’t bother with investigating these individuals in modern Britain, but rather spend their time harassing anyone who says anything “hurtful” about them.

Who exactly are these police working for?

They certainly aren’t protecting the citizens of the UK and their children.


Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Not that want to go to the UK, but I think my name in on the persona non grata list. I don’t think they would let in.

  2. Since members of royalty have been pedophiles ( Lord Mountbatten) and aided other pedophiles ( Jimmy Saville ) this is the reason the police are lenient and protective of perverts

  3. Jon Wedger ex English Child Protection police, has been exposing the fact that England’s most elite are systemic instituionalised pedophiles for years now. They’ve tried everything to shut him up The cops that he worked for told him to shut it for his own good, tried to arrest him, threatened to take his kids away tried to make him lose his home, everything. One of his kids died in hospital even.
    Netflix screwed him over, you tube wrecked his site, all of it.
    Because he knows them, he knows how they work.
    He knows the English He knows Lolita comes from England. He knows the top cops are apparently, according to his sources, pedophiles too. He s not shy about it He presents the evidence The witnesses even the victims. You tube erase it.

  4. Traditional Britain and the British have been totally cucked. First by uncontrolled immigration, then general lawlessness and now by their own institutions.

  5. Ah, the good old tradition of protecting the pedo bears in the UK!
    The woke freemason metro police and the even more “Special Branch” happily bury stuff, including people, if ordered to.

  6. When a society refuses to protect the most vulnerable of its members, to wit, its children, then, that society needs to go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah, forthwith.

  7. anyone who touches my child sexually before he is 16 will feel my wrath, i dont care what these peadophile protecting police say or these peadophile judges and politicians , i do not consent and they do not represent me, i will deal them my own justice based on common law as a free man who does not consent to be policed by these criminals or presided over by these peadophile politicians

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