Far Left Rep. Ayanna Pressley: Anti-Abortion Is ‘White Supremacy’

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Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley says being anti-abortion is white supremacy

Far-left Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley has declared that abortion bans are based “in patriarchy and white supremacy.”

During a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing Thursday, Pressley criticized the new Texas law that prohibits doctors from providing abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

The law allows people to sue anybody who refuses comply, with minimum damages set at $10,000.

“We find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented wave of coordinated attacks on our reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy,” Pressley complained.

“And Texas’s horrendous and extreme SB 8 abortion ban underscores the urgency of this moment.”

“The year 2021 has been the most devastating for abortion rights in American history.”

“Anti-abortion legislators in 47 states focused on legislating hurt and harm to push this critical healthcare out of reach.”

“These misguided bans will not actually prevent all abortions. They simply put safe and necessary abortion care out of reach for our most vulnerable, specifically our lowest-income sisters, our queer, trans and non-binary siblings, black, Latinx, AAPI, immigrants, disabled and … indigenous folks.”

“And none of this is happenstance. It is precise. Like the roots of the anti-abortion movement, these bans are rooted in patriarchy and white supremacy,” she added.

Journalist Mark Hemingway responded to the Pressley’s outrageous speech by reminding her that abortion originates from the eugenics movement, which was actually tied to white supremacy.

“In actual fact, abortion has its roots in the progressive eugenics movement of the early 20th century — and *that* was all about white supremacy,” Hemingway tweeted.


  1. The only supremacy going on is with the criminal leaders and murderous elites. But nice try directing the anger of YOUR moves onto regular civilians.

    • Exactly right and their most ESSENTIAL tactic is to keep the world as divided as possible by playing mind games with them like chess pieces. All to kerp them weakened and defenseless yet having them organised when it comes to serving their team leaders, their gruppebfuhrers. But no unions for workers only their cops and little nurises who will never figure anything out but will believe whatever they’re told. Meanwhile the most Powerful unions are the doctors “associations” and the Lawyers “societies” The most Powerful unions on the planet.

  2. No they’re based on respect for the life of innocent babies. And talk about perversity, in the past it was often represented as it was the hateful white father who wanted the usually illegitimate baby aborted.

  3. So, Is the chromus domus on purpose or did it lose its head fur? Woof.
    Look at that one, the last time a saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it!

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