Sea Turtle Captures Incredible Footage With GoPro Camera

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A Green Sea Turtle may hold the answer to the disappearance of one of the most vital forces to our global oceans.  Many of us know that The Great Barrier Reef is not just in danger – it is literally disappearing before our very eyes.  While scientists and researchers across the globe struggle to find ways to save the reef, a recent idea to put a small GoPro camera on a sea turtle provided some of the most incredible footage you will ever see.

According to CBS News [1]:

Environmental group WWF is working with researchers, government agencies and community groups in the country to learn more about the effects of pollution in the Great Barrier Reef on green sea turtles that live there [2]. As part of the project, WWF’s Christine Hof and Ian Bell of the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection have been tagging green turtles. 

They recently took the opportunity while tagging to fit a GoPro to a sea turtle before setting it back in the water. The turtle’s-shell-view footage takes you on an incredible underwater glide past eclectic reefs and schools of colorful, darting fish [3]. The tagged turtle is in no hurry as it meanders along the floor, up to the surface and back. (Keep an eye out to the right for the speedier turtle that handily overtakes it just after minute 2.)

The GoPro lasted 15 minutes before it slowly slid off the turtle’s shell, clamoring to the reef floor, where it was retrieved by a diver.





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