Trump Says US Troops Not Going To Syria But ‘Assad Is An Animal’

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Trump claims that the US missile attack was “an act of humanity,”

Donald Trump has said he is not sending US troops to Syria to fight the government of President Bashar al-Assad, insisting that defeating ISIS remains Washington’s number one priority.

“We’re not going into Syria. Our policy is the same — it hasn’t changed” Trump told Fox News.
“Are we going to get involved in Syria? No,” Trump said during an interview on FOX Business.

“But if I see them using gas…. when you drop gas or bombs or barrel bombs — massive barrels with dynamite — and drop it right in the middle of a group of people … you see kids with no arms, no legs, no face. This [Syrian President Bashar Assad] is an animal,” he added.

The hashtag “Assad is an animal” has been trending on social media networks worldwide since Trump’s comment.

Press TV reports:

“Our big mission is getting rid of ISIS (ISIL),” Trump said. “That’s where it’s always been. But when you see kids choking to death, you watch their lungs burning out, we had to hit him (Assad) and hit him hard.”

Claiming that the US attack was “an act of humanity,” Trump said he reflected a lot on the severity of the strike and came to the conclusion that “this would be the appropriate first shot.”

The new Republican president then focused on Russia, which has been running an aerial campaign against terrorist positions across Syria in coordination with Damascus.

“We’re not exactly on the same wavelength with Russia, to put it mildly,” Trump said, asking Russian President Vladimir Putin to reconsider his ties with Assad.

The West has been pressuring Russia to withdraw its support for Syria. Both the UK and the US have proposed more sanctions against Putin’s government in case the support continues.

Russia, however, has condemned the US attack, warning that Washington was making the same mistakes it made before invading Iraq in 2003.

Putin said afterwards that the strike had seriously hurt the Russo-American ties.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told his visiting American counterpart Rex Tillerson in Moscow on Wednesday that the US should never repeat the “unlawful attack against Syria.”


  1. Launching missiles as an “act of humanity” at an airstrip where presumably chemical ordinance is stored to “prevent a human catastrophe” is probably one of the best examples of inversion I have seen in years… This is definitely Noble Peace Prize material at this point.

    Next up: Bomb North Korean nuclear reactors to prevent a nuclear disaster.

    • Don’t forget we need to bomb Somalia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and every Middle East country because they are kill gays, kids, and Christians… wait, Trump doesn’t care about Christians…

    • exactly so. The US used chemical weapons in Vietnam, it’s effects are felt 30 years later. How many countries will the US bomb before it stops? Obama bombed 5 countries in 7 years, and how many beautiful babies died in those countries? Why are Syria’s babies different? Trump is a liar and a hypocrite, and the new Hitler, who wants to conquer the world for the great Israel project.

  2. Seems like Trump is more intelligent than I thought, after this unlawful airstrike against Syria. He should keep his promise to his voters: America first and no new world order

    • sorry to burst your bubble, yes he is inteligent, but his experince is not in world affairs but business. He has some very bad neo-con advisers who are feeding him false intel. America first was an empty promise, he is in fact an accomplished liar. He will destroy Syria and cause WW3. So instead of supporting this liar, you need to wake up. He is not the guy people thought he was, and many people will be let down and disappointed. Remember, liars NEVER keep their promises an you have been duped, just like his many voters.

  3. the only animal I see is Trump, a big orange animal, who will blow us all up with his nuclear bombs, while whining about the beautiful babies in Syria, like he really cared. Liar and hypocrite. People need to wake up very soon, as to what Trump really is. Do not expect peace in the world. He works for the Rothschilds and bankers, and the deep state are manipulating all the moves.

  4. Assad has defended his country from Foreign War Criminals. He has not attacked a foreign country.

    Under Donald Trump, the USA Federal Empires International war crimes against the foreign Sovereign nation state of Syria have escalated, to include the international war crime of firing 59, (one of the 1.5 million a pop missiles did not fire), missiles at a unoffending Sovereign Nation state, which resulted in the murder of several Syrian Government troops, in their own Military base, in their own Sovereign Land, and several innocent children.
    ‘Killing The Children To Save The Children”

    Under Donald Trump, the Attorney Generals Office has not gone after ONE top shelf USA Government Pedophile.
    One has to question why?

  5. Three day ago, Trump said he was not going to interfere with Syria’s choice of government. DUCK everybody tomahawk missiles coming in – how are we supposed to believe this statement now? A lot of support for Trump has been damaged on domestic and foreign fronts.

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