Common Core: US Students Perform 4 Grade Levels Behind Chinese Students In Math

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10 years after Barack Obama forced schools around the country to begin phasing in Common Core, American students are lagging far behind their counterparts from other nations.

10 years after Barack Obama forced schools around the country to begin phasing in Common Core, American students are lagging far behind their counterparts from other nations.

According to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which analyzed 79 countries and economies, representing about 32 million 15-year-olds, American students are performing four grade levels behind Chinese students in the critical study of mathematics.

Here is what US parents, teachers, corporate leaders, legislators, and anyone else who cares about education and the future of our children and country must know — our US scores show that our education system, dominated by Obama’s Common Core, is failing our youth.

We are not keeping up with our global counterparts, and risk falling far behind in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and competitive.

The situation in the US education system has become so dire that even “disadvantaged students” in China and other countries are performing better than the average American student.

The 10% most disadvantaged students in Beijing-Shanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang (B-S-J-Z) or in Macao or Estonia… those students actually do as well or better than the average student in the US.

Parents and teachers across the nation are now urging schools to dump the toxic Common Core curriculum, arguing that it deliberately dumbs down children and creates unnecessary and complicated methods for working out relatively simple problems.

Students are recording results lower than previously thought possible, and frustrated teachers are warning that “if we do nothing” about Common Core the results “will keep on declining.”

Since Common Core was fully phased in nationwide, student test scores in the United States have dropped for the third time in a row on the nation’s broadest and most respected test.

The drop is a sudden reversal of the upward trend that was experienced between 1990 and 2015.

The class of 2019 is the first to experience all four high school years under Common Core, and unsurprisingly it has come out as the “worst-prepared for college” in 15 years, according to a new report.

The latest results were released last month and show that American students slid yet again on nearly every measure. 

Declaring Obama’s Common Core to be “worst large-scale educational failure in 40 years,” a recent study examined the effects of Common Core on school choice and found the program has “blunted the innovation, dynamism, and competition” while also producing the worst math scores in generations.

It’s going to take a lot more than acknowledging Common Core’s failure to make up for the years of classroom chaos that the Bill Gates/Barack Obama curriculum inflicted on many teachers and students without their consent.

A direct apology and a promise to stay away from our kids and their education in the future would be a start.

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