Drones Banned Over London & Windsor For Obama’s Visit To See Queen

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Drones Banned Over London & Windsor For Obama's Visit To See Queen

Drones will be banned from large parts of London and Windsor while Barack Obama visits the Queen this week.

Although the US president is renowned for his extensive use of military drones in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, the unmanned aerial vehicles will be banned from airspace over London and Windsor during his official visit to the UK on Thursday.

RT reports:

The ban comes after a civilian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hit a passenger plane at Heathrow Airport on Sunday.

UK authorities banned the use of drones in the capital while Obama meets members of the UK royal family and politicians.

A notice has been issued by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the National Air Traffic Service (NATS), the Press Association reports.

Conservative Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin declared flights will be limited “as part of the overarching security plan” for the visit.

The restriction bans drone use between Windsor and London on Friday, which is when the Obamas will lunch with the Queen for her birthday celebration.

Flights will also be prohibited between Stansted airport and London on Thursday evening – when the Obama family arrive – and on Sunday morning.

The temporary rules mean that aircraft cannot fly below 762 meters within the restricted areas unless they are using one of a number of London airfields or in the case of an emergency.

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