Rothschild Plot To Crash African Nation’s Economy Revealed

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Hackers have broken the biggest stories of 2016, and mainstream “journalists” have been employed to cover them up. Mainstream media outlets are lining up to condemn Wikileaks for doing what investigative journalists used to do - taking on the biggest names, and speaking truth to power. If there is a list of news stories mainstream media will not dare to publish - and will actively try and suppress - this rare exposé of a Rothschild criminal act will be right near the top.

Corrupt Rothschild Plot To Crash African Nation's Economy Revealed

A Wikileaks cable uncovered by Your News Wire revealed that the Rothschilds were involved in a corrupt billion dollar money laundering plot in Africa designed to benefit the country’s elite while at the same time crashing the nation’s economy.

The lives of millions of Senegalese people were expected to be thrown into economic chaos, all so the nation’s ruling family, with their Rothschild connections, could “wash” and pocket a “cool and corrupt” $1.2 billion dollars.

The secretive Rothchilds are rarely in the news and never publicly rebuked by their minions in government, however the classified cable reveals that behind the scenes a US diplomatic official clearly referred to the actions of Rothschild Bank as “corrupt” and the transaction as “indefensible.”

From the cable (full version available here):

Rothschild Senegal corruption

Reddit user Amos Quito pointed out the unlikelihood of the mainstream media daring to cover this story, and also commented on the “extra cozy” relationship between the Rothschilds and Hillary Clinton. Elites the world over – from Senegal to the United States – are in bed with the Rothschilds.


Reddit user bingbong78 summarised the intricacies of the corrupt billion dollar money laundering plot.



The sale of the profitable national company was expected to have disastrous financial consequences for the fragile Senegalese economy. The only beneficiaries of the sale were to be the country’s ruling family and Rothschild Bank. According to the cable:

The IMF, World Bank, and senior officials at the Ministry of Finance are deeply concerned about the deal’s short- and long-term consequences for Senegal’s public finances. As Diarisso recently told the Econ Counselor, “it’s much worse than serious.


However at no point was it suggested Rothschild Bank could be persuaded to discontinue the plot. That would be like politely asking a pack of hungry dogs to stop wolfing down fresh meat.

Financiers believe the corrupt, chaos causing billion dollar financial transaction is par for the course with the Rothschilds. It has been suggested that it is actually a “small deal” and “the tip of the iceberg.” However it is exceptionally rare that a Rothschild plot is exposed in this fashion. We can thank Wikileaks for providing us with a glimpse behind the curtain at “the power behind the throne of the New World Order.”

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