New York Reinstates Masks as 6th Wave Hits Fully Jabbed City

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Fully jabbed reinstates masks as 6th covid wave hits city

New York has reimplemented a “mask advisory” due to a 6th wave of COVID spreading across the city, despite the fact that a whopping 87.9% of New Yorkers are “fully jabbed.”

According to reports, a COVID variant is spreading like wildfire through the fully vaccinated population of New York.

The BA.5 subvariant appears to be immune to the jab and transmits more easily, leading some to call it the “worst version” of omicron yet. reports: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island have all been in the CDC high-risk category for the latter half of May and transitioned to medium risk through June as viral rates and hospital admissions associated with that wave ebbed. The relief was short-lived, though, with all five boroughs now in a heightened state of risk.

Is this a slow ramp-up to another lockdown? Face masks are recommended for everyone indoors and in public settings, regardless of vaccination status.  This comes as some neighborhoods in Manhattan and Queens are seeing 25% positivity rates (again). City health officials renewed their indoor mask advisory on Friday in light of the updated COVID data.

China has continually been locking down its slaves under the “zero COVID” policy forced by the ruling class.

The Guardian says that the United States is “headed in a bad direction” because the Omicron strain BA.5. is going to cause the 2nd worse wave yet. But how is that possible if the “vaccines” are “working”? Here’s the story they are going with. It’s the official narrative:

The BA.5 sub-variant has immuno-evasive properties that cause reinfection even after vaccination and previous illness.

The BA.5 version of Covid-19 has become the majority variant of the virus in America in a matter of weeks, in a troubling development that comes amid what may already be America’s second-largest wave of the pandemic. 

So they are basically admitting that everyone who was naive enough to get injected with some sort of medical belief that they’d be fine if they bowed down to their master and obeyed are all back in the same boat as everyone who refused to comply with the medical tyranny. Interesting. Obedience didn’t save the slaves from the same fate as everyone else.


  1. Oh here the first TV station children’s ch 7 news just told us we can forget thinking we can go 3 months protected after being jabbed now because the word is we will be getting covid over and over again forever and ever Amen approximately 6 weekly, due to the creativity of innovative mutations finding their way into the mainstream traffic flow.

    • Covid is nothing else that à kind of flue…
      Fundamental liberties like free-circulation,the right to privacy or the will of disposing of ours own have been undertaked by globalist governments all over the world for a coronavirus even less letal than flue and killing at 95% really sick or/and really old people at the end of their path (middle age of casualties in Occident =83 years).
      And 80% of death coule have been avoid by suplementation of zinc,vit.C and D3,preventives cures of HCQ or ivermectine (like they did in Mexico,Eastern european countries or Spain)for the weakest.
      The fear provocated by the hysterical narrative of meanstream medias had also made the situation worse:fear making ours immunity’s systems falling down.
      Theses masks are also bullshits:they don’t stop any viruses but can provocate respiratories and cardiacs trouble after a while,so this come-back of these mandatory mesure match quite Well with the obsession of depopulation of the Gates,Soros,
      Rockfeller,Schwab,of other globalistes billonaries of Davos forum of the club of Bildeberg who have theses last years corrupted numérique politicians,lawyers,
      scientists and even transnational corporate organisation like the WHO or the EU…

  2. NYC rich are the stupidest people. So easily socially engineered, because they have no holy spirit in them to guide them at all.

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