Roger Stone: Deep State Planning to Install Pelosi Then Clinton as President

Fact checked
Roger Stone warns deep state are planning to install Pelosi and Clinton as president

Political consultant Roger Stone warns that the deep state is planning to overthrow President Trump so that they can install Nancy Pelosi as President as part of a coup that will eventually see Hillary Clinton enter the White House.

“The deep state seeks to fabricate some misdeed by the Trump campaign that is sold as Russian collusion,” said Stone.

“That way they can remove both Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, paving the way for Nancy Pelosi to become president.”

“Pelosi will then appoint Hillary Clinton to the vacant Vice Presidency after which Pelosi would resign as president allowing Hillary to take the White House which alluded her grasp in 2016.” reports:

Trump and Pelosi are currently locked in a stand off over the government shut down.

Yesterday, Trump pulled a power move by blocking Pelosi’s trip to Brussels and Afghanistan by halting her use of military aircraft.

This followed Pelosi’s demand that Trump postpone his State of the Union address – scheduled for January 29 – or simply put it in writing.


      • The site that can be really bad for illiteracy is ZeroHedge. They are all competing with each other for the longest words over there and get it wrong SO often. I have seen five in one day similar to the above – very often affect/effect. I’m convinced they are doing it to piss me off. 🙂

  1. This is bullshit. Even IF DJT was removed, they got nothing on Pence….This ‘warning’ about this so-called ‘plan’ is abso-BS….AIN’T gonna happen…

    • Actually, they have alot on Pence and it is all about pedophilia. He gave me the creeps first time I saw him. It is well-established that the vice president is chosen by the powers that be for all presidents. They always put in a compromised VP thy can control, just in case the president does a JFK and tries to shut down Fed Reserve or some such. They have done this all my life and I’m old enough to actually remember presidential campaign between Nixon and JFK.

      • Until now.. Trump’s presidency is NOT like those before.. the military with ‘the plan’ is behind Trump.. and they don’t answer to the deep state.

        • I do understand that very well and I totally support President Trump; however, what I said still stands. Trump may have agreed to having him as VP, but only to it looks like he doesn’t know anything. That’s pretty much how it works. Pence and his wife both received envelopes at GHWB funeral and only the bad guys got envelopes. Pence looked very, very serious a day or 2 after but then next time I saw him, he was smiling and looking happy. Then I read he had been pardoned in exhange for helping to bring down bad guys. I’ve noticed Trump is doing that for folks who were blackmailed or forced to do things they didn’t want to do.

  2. We need to start acting like we own the place and start locking these rat bastards up.. they will never stop no matter what it takes to regain power.

  3. What a dark dark day that would be. A totalitarian non country is what we would have with chaos and civil war ensuing.

  4. Build the wall.
    Make Mexico pay for it.
    Lock her up.
    Drain the swamp.
    Trump should have started this on Day 1, instead of thinking he could work with the Dims.

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