“No Communista” – Kamala Harris HUMILIATED in Miami – Latinos for Trump Line the Streets to REJECT Her Far-Left Agenda

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Kamala Harris reject by Latinos in Miami during campaign visit

Kamala Harris was humiliated during a surprise visit to Miami on Thursday, as a group of Latinos roundly rejected her far-left policies.

Latinos for Trump came out and lined the streets of Miami on Thursday to make it clear that they reject the far-left policies that Biden and Harris endorse.

“No Communista. No Socialista” one sign said.

The Latinos for Trump made it clear that they dislike Kamala Harris and support the police with a sign that said “Apoyen La Policia.”

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: The conservative Cubans and Venezuelans in Miami were not impressed with Kamala Harris’s pandering.


The Trump campaign is doing a great job of linking “progressive” Biden to Latin Socialists and revolutionaries.

The Trump camp last month unveiled a powerful ad targeting Hispanic voters.

The ad showed Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, Venezuelan Socialist Hugo Chavez and others bragging about being progressive.



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