Former Planned Parenthood President Says Biden Should Mandate Vaccinations

Fact checked
Dr Leanna Wen

CNN medical analyst and former Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen believes that President Biden should mandate vaccinations, asserting that getting the jab is not an “individual decision.”

Wen slammed Biden and his coronavirus task force coordinator Jeffrey Zients in the Washington Post on Tuesday because they did not require that attendees at the White House’s Independence Day event were vaccinated.

Calling the event a “missed opportunity” for Biden to assert himself, Wen wrote: “The celebration could have been a chance to show that vaccination isn’t just an individual decision, but one that affects the health of others….including those already vaccinated”

Fox News reports: She characterized Zients as holding a “live and let live attitude” which ignores the “danger to those who do not have immune protection, and not by choice.”

Wen alluded to Biden’s newly-announced plan to encourage door-to-door visits to urge yet-unvaccinated Americans to get the shot, but said that it isn’t enough.

“Biden needs to get behind proof of vaccination, starting with his own White House events,” she wrote. “It matters for everyone, including the vaccinated.”

Wen praised the large number of colleges enforcing blanket vaccine mandates for students, recommending that Americans try to surround themselves with those who are also vaccinated. 

She said that Biden should “assist” more employers to institute similar mandates as well.

Wen wrote that vaccinated people have a greater chance of getting infected when they are around unvaccinated people, but added that such a dynamic doesn’t undermine the importance or effectiveness of vaccines.

In September, Wen notably appeared on CNN as the network’s medical analyst and claimed that Black Lives Matter protests were safer than then-President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, in part because of the “behavior of the participants.”